Custom Adoptions in BC

Custom Adoption Awareness Campaign

BC Métis Federation is calling on our members, supporters, and the public to bring awareness to Aboriginal Custom Adoptions in BC. Custom Adoptions are legal and happening elsewhere in Canada, but the number of Custom Adoptions recorded by BC Courts since 1996 is shockingly zero.

Custom adoption is an extension of custom care, which provides temporary or alternate care for Aboriginal children whose parents are not able to care for them. Custom adoption enables Aboriginal families, organizations, and communities to use a culturally appropriate way of sharing in the permanency planning for Aboriginal children. Each case is designed to meet the unique cultural, spiritual, and linguistic needs of a child.” – Adoptive Families Association of BC

How You Can Help

  • Email a pre-written letter to Premier Horgan by clicking hereor
  • Download the letter as a PDF by clicking here, fill it in, and email or mail it to Premier Horgan (PO BOX 9041, STN PROV GOVT, Victoria, BC, V8W 9E1).

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Together we can put pressure on Premier Horgan to help the thousands of Indigenous children being kept in foster care by MCFD.