Catch Up with the Métis Matters Radio Show

The BC Métis Federation has been active on the Métis Matters radio show over the past four weeks. You can listen to the archived shows below and don’t forget to tune in this Wednesday at 5PM to CFRO 102.7FM in Vancouver or online at

June 22 Archive

June 29 Archive

July 06 Archive

July 13 Archive

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  1. Richard Lucier-larson July 20, 2011 at 5:58 pm #

    I listened to this show and note the discussion about the Name of our local/community in North Saanich. It’s name is ‘North Saanich Michif Society”. The Name Michif relates to both the Historic Half-breed Peoples and their language.
    Some of our the members still speak Michif (Alberta Dialect) and have adopted the Name Michif to honour our ancestor’s who identified as Michif.
    Many of the Metis/Half-breeds of the North still use that term when you ask them who they are.
    Many of the people visiting the” Back to Batoche Festival ” identify themselves as Michif.
    According to records in the Archives, “Gabriel Dumont ” used that term on himself.
    Our family still sings the old Michif Song “Kispin Kisakihin ”
    Richard Lucier-larson
    Vice President
    North Saanich Michif Society

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