BCMF Promotes Métis Culture at International Outfits Festival

This past Saturday, September 10, 2011 the BCMF Vice President Daryl Piper and Director Joe Desjarlais attended the International Outfits Festival held in Vancouver at the Kiwassa Neighbourhood House located at 2425 Oxford Street which the BCMF were one of the many contributing sponsors.

This multi cultural event was attended by various groups such from First Nations, Métis, Malaysia, Greece, Ukraine, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, West Africa, China, and Mexico. This first ever event attracted over 100 guests and many were unaware of the cultural diversity and they shared their personal stories of what it was like growing up in their home countries while being in Canada today..

BCMF Vice President Daryl Piper gave an informative overview of the BCMF and stated the importance of understanding cultural diversity and educating people of all cultures on the importance of the history of the Métis people in British Columbia and Canada. BCMF Director Joe Desjarlais explained about the Métis history and the rich traditions which gave the audience insight into Métis culture which allowed them to appreciate our place in Canadian history.

BCMF showcased Métis culture through traditional dance and our Métis dancers Rowan and Quinn Gaunt, both proud Métis Youth, who gave an outstanding dance performance and received a standing ovation.

International Outfits Festival event organizer Miss Anita Lo commented that she was impressed by our Métis culture and especially our Métis dancer’s performance. The Event Coordinator has formally requested participation of the Métis in next year’s event given the tremendous success produced by BCMF leadership and cultural performances.

One Response to BCMF Promotes Métis Culture at International Outfits Festival

  1. Richard Lucier-larson September 14, 2011 at 11:53 am #

    Tansi All;
    This is a good example of what the Metis Nation should be doing.

    Events like this and what Bev Lambert does gives the outside world knowledge on what the Metis/half-breeds were and are now.

    It really makes me wonder just what the MNBC has been really doing to promote the culture ?
    Here is a loose assortment of dedicated Metis working on shoestring budgets presenting the culture in a positive way, with little or no personal gain.

    I challenge the real Metis to get off your butts and go out and at the very least support these efforts and if possible forget the $$ and honorariums but get to work.

    Richard Lucier-larson
    A proud Metis/half-breed who doesn’t mind getting his hand dirty.

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