Emotional Termination of MNBC Citizenship Card by Beverly Lambert

Well known Métis cultural leader Beverly Lambert recently sent a letter to MNBC President Bruce Dumont terminating her MNBC Citizenship Card. This was a major step for Beverly and her letter outlines her reasons for this major decision. BCMF supports Beverly in her decision and hopes Métis people read her statements carefully to understand her reasons and how many of us in BC likely feel the same way today. Her letter is below.

Dear Bruce,

Please be advised that effective immediately that as Métis citizen in good standing under citizenship #07201536 of the Métis Nation British Columbia, I formally resign my current citizenship, and association and any future participation with Métis Nation British Columbia, it representatives and agents.

As per Article Five of the MNBC Citizenship Act – VOLUNTARY REMOVAL FROM REGISTRY

    • 5.0 A Métis Citizen may, at any time, voluntarily remove himself or herself from the Registry;
    • 5.1 The Registrar shall remove a Métis Citizen who, by written request, declares that he or she no longer wishes to be registered as a Métis Citizen;

Therefore this letter and attached information serves as my official notification of my demand for our “Voluntary Removal from Registry” in accordance with the MNBC Citizenship Act. I do not recognize MNBC has neither legitimate authority nor right to purport to represent my interests as a legitimate Section 35 Métis person. I would like MNBC to remove me from any current proposals to either the Federal or Provincial Government wherein MNBC uses to identified needs and benefits through delivering programs and services.

MNBC must not utilize ANY of my personal information that may have in your possession and I am requesting ALL files related to be sent to my address below. Should MNBC not immediately respond and return all information I will considered this a breach of personal information within the “PIPEDA” (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) of Canada and take necessary steps. Therefore any further or continued Collection, Use or Disclosure of my Personal Information will result in a formal complaint filed by myself to the “Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada” to ensure my “withdrawal of consent to collect, use and disclosure of personal information ” is enforced.

By way of my intentions you will find enclosed my MNBC citizenship #07201536 card which I voluntary surrender and have taken steps to ensure they are not put into circulation.

If you wish to address Metis Citizens as disgruntled, club members, this is so disrespectful coming from a President and I am done with this unhealthy attitude. I give back my card and take back my Pride!!!

Dear Metis Citizens,

For the record this decision has come easy for me, I stick by my family values because truthfully that is all people will remember about ourselves when we leave this earth. The recent passing of my father has made me realize that I have to bring this message forward to all Métis people in BC. He said; “Respect my girl, help and do right by thee neighbors.” This line has more meaning for me than you people at MNBC could ever know.

I recall watching the MNBC AGM last year when the microphones were shut off, people were chastised, elders and youth used by the MNBC for voting and paid delegates not really understanding what is going. I realize today that there is no use going anymore to any future MNBC meetings because I do not have a voice or vote anymore. MNBC might as well bring out the duct tape. I felt like crying when our National Anthem was playing at the MNBC AGM last year and the verse “Never more forgotten People”. I thought why do I feel this way among my own Nation? At the last MNGA all the MNBC leaders even had their backs turned on the Métis people and how symbolic I thought this was. A few MNBC paid people get together and pretend they speak for all Métis people. There is no real consultation and input for our people and it is truly an injustice when I see governments think these few people have a legitimate mandate. Let me make this very clear to all Governments MNBC does not represent all Metis Citizens!

For the last 2 years I watched MNBC disrespect many Métis people and frankly it is shameful.

In my own situation, I sat like a silent as a mouse, wondering why the MNBC was not speaking to me anymore especially through the whole 2010 Olympics and I just let it ride for 8 months. But remember I have been on the Metis trail for many years through the Province. I promote Métis culture with all my heart regardless of political issues. I tried not to stay in hotels because I am old fashioned and need to know my neighbors. We ate together, shared stories and I even made bannock for many of our people. So, I listened and watched carefully and eventually realized, many others where feeling the same way. It was like our culture and communities did not exist anymore, nor did MNBC care. Out of respect for myself, I believe that this is like an abusive relationship. MNBC does not want us to talk or say anything or you will be kicked out and verbally attacked by their supporters. Well, my father left this earth but he sure raised a “Proud Metis Woman” and I will allow no one to disrespect me or take away my voice. I will not sit on the fence while MNBC collects money on my behalf to abuse our Citizens and hire more Consultants to make their garden look good, till next year and they are gone.

MNBC has spent tons of money to shut everyone up, look at the financials, the proof is there!! MNBC has never really sat down and tried to solve the problems and consult like families do? They do not support communities we never see them answer direct questions.

Bruce, Dave and the rest of the board, you have all invited me to spend time with your families and have shown me your kind hospitality and will never be forgotten, those where special memories.

But, when friends turn your back for no reason, I ask myself, did they really care, it hurts and it was your choice to walk away from someone who truly believes in reviving our culture and helping people to

“Be Proud of Who They Are.” Now I have to move on and do positive things for our People

The BCMF are a strong team of grassroots Metis people who really care about our people and future. I am honored to be a part of a New Beginning with them. We shall gather our Metis families again with Honesty and Integrity. We are not terrorist or disgruntled employees this is your way of getting people to look the other way.


Have you ever watched a how a bunch of crows work together when they want something?

One will keep squawking at you–while the other 6 are in the corner stealing food from you.

Well, not for me folks I have seen ENOUGH.

Bruce do not make this a personal matter between Keith Henry, he did not write those cheques, or make the decisions to ignore and cause conflict in our family and communities.

Congratulations to the Métis Community Presidents who stuck to the facts and have removed their Charter with MNBC. When you sit on the train to long, nothing is accomplished; It is only the people and Community who will suffer and believe me most of them have no place to go Now! They should all have a gathering place for elders and children to reunite and celebrate our vibrate Culture. The BCMF Team and I personally promise to walk side by side with the communities and do everything in our power to make this a reality. This will build a strong Proud Nation.

This school is only for the Lower Mainland office and an Employment Service for the Province.

I would encourage all citizens to stop watching the dog chase his tail. Stand up and let them know they cannot use your name to gain funds from Government, then turn around and use it to sue or use consultants to deceive us. I am done with this cycle. There is no respect anymore.

In closing MNBC has failed the people in my opinion and today people throughout BC are starting to personally feel the results as tuitions payments remain outstanding for approved students, the MNBC organizational debt surges, outstanding taxes, the inability to produce accurate MNBC Board of Director minutes, and political maneuvering by you and your supporters to ensure proper community input is not obtained.

You and this board have dismissed several calls for your resignations, dismissed information and solutions provided to MNBC, and taken legal action to intimidate your very MNBC citizenship card holders.

Shame on you and the MNBC Board.

So, all Citizens do not judge me for respecting myself. The next time I attend a community event I will open my arms to each and every one of you because I am Proud of you, elders, our children, we need to make the right choices together for a PROUD strong Nation.

Infinity means (forever) that is me with COMMUNITY.∞

Till we meet again, God blesses you all and let us be good respectful human beings.

Yours Truly,

Proud To Be Metis

Beverly Lambert

British Columbia Métis Federation

Metis Cultural Ambassador


Click here to download this letter in PDF format.


22 Responses to Emotional Termination of MNBC Citizenship Card by Beverly Lambert

  1. Richard Lucier-larson September 23, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    Tansi Bev and all;
    This was hard read for me, this came from the heart ,I am incomplete agreement with your statement.
    Our family has talked long and hard about the present state of affairs in the Métis Nation in B.C.
    We will follow you in asking for our files back, we also have lost all confidence in the MNBC.

    Richard Lucier-larson
    A proud Métis Grandfather

  2. Jim September 23, 2011 at 3:55 pm #

    At long last the snakes in the grass are being recognized for what they have become!!

  3. Angela Iesha Steel September 23, 2011 at 7:36 pm #

    Bravo!!! Beverly Lambert

  4. Kokhum Donna September 23, 2011 at 10:05 pm #

    Dear Beverly,
    I applaud your honesty and integrity and I too am deeply saddened by the state of our nation….I too attended the AGM last year and witnesses for myself the arrogance and ignorance, intimidation and down right disrespect for all of us at the mikes. I also applaud the ongoing efforts of Keith Henry and BCMF for their relentless hard work in exposing all the wrong doings. Even though I have mixed feelings on how the BCMF was formed- I believe in the democratic process. I still stand with my brothers and sisters of BCMF in building a Nation for all Metis one we can finally be PROUD TO BE METIS…May Creator be with you all.
    All My Relations..
    Kokhum Donna Kondra

  5. Russ Roy September 23, 2011 at 10:39 pm #

    Our Father, who art in heaven,
    hallowed be thy name.
    Thy Kingdom come,
    thy will be done,
    on earth as it is in heaven
    Give us this day our daily bread.
    And forgive us our trespasses,
    as we forgive those who trespass against us.
    And lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from evil.
    For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory. for ever and ever. Amen

    In honour of your Father, Bev, and like you I am also proud to be Metis, and I also will never accept anything less than honesty and Integrity. The present leadership of MNBC will not be forgotten.

  6. Earlene Bitterman September 24, 2011 at 8:18 am #

    Very good letter Bev, and from the heart as always. As I also surrendered my card a few months ago, it was like a sigh of relief that I no longer support the intimidation, the legal wrangling and the style of governance we have been witness to.

    Yes, I also could not believe they shut off the Microphones at the last AGM when citizens arose to speak. This statement hits home for me, “You and this board have dismissed several calls for your resignations, dismissed information and solutions provided to MNBC, and taken legal action to intimidate your very MNBC citizenship card holders.”

    I am back in court again on October 11th 2011 with Dan Pope and the Fort St John Metis society over trumped up allegations ment to intimidate me to stay silent. I will inform everyone how that went as it has been ongoing for a year, for a buffalo camp I was involved in in 2008.

    I had a chuckle out of the Metis Matters Radio show and Gary Biggar the gent who served Daryl and Keith with court documents at a past CCMC pre-meeting, and his pro MNBC posturing. It was entertaining. Some Metis just don’t get the BCMF rebellion and fight for true governance and community participation, as they remain loyal to corruption.

  7. Joe Desjarlais September 24, 2011 at 12:26 pm #

    So-called mainstream government elites pretend to be neutral, but they ignore the current crisis and complexities in BC Metis communities, They deny a historical relationship with and villainize alternative Metis leaders and entire communities who strive for good government, legitimate conversation, freedom of expression, a nuanced identity, and a more equitable inclusion into BC’s public domain.

    MNBC as a political entity obviously derives its legitimacy from its co-opted unbalanced dependency relationship with the current provincial government and uses it to tenuously advance its own interest group agenda. This is a colonial relationship that denies the chance for a principled self determination that is grounded in 300 years of shared Canadian history, individual citizenship engagement, and the reality of a reforming tradition in Canada.They want to be the champions of a metis future that cuts out all the meaning and content and displaces the vast majority of its people.

    I for one can never support this sham for self government. I know that there is a different path in Canada for Metis to belong in Canada, a more dignified way forward! I believe that the BCMF provides the foundation for a meaningful alternative.

  8. Tim St. Denis September 24, 2011 at 8:30 pm #

    “Out of respect for myself, I believe that this is like an abusive relationship. MNBC does not want us to talk or say anything or you are out of kicked out by MNBC and verbally attacked by their supporters. ”

    Hello Bev
    I want to take this comment a step further if you will allow me. I would like to state this behaviour “is” a full blown case of abuse and bullying. I too had a hard time reading your comments. I know that no one works harder to promote the true Metis heritage without all of the First Nations spiritualism as was allowed to seep in the past.
    You and EB with our News Letter are leading the way in promoting the Metis culture in its pure and unique form. We have to promote our uniqueness which is fiddling, jigging, floral beading, our sash and Red River cart. There are many who visit our websites and publications which includes government agencies. We cannot go to our stakeholders to promote our uniqueness on one hand while our websites and publications show we are no different. I am encouraged that our message is now consistent.
    Tim St. Denis

  9. Daryl Piper September 25, 2011 at 10:49 am #

    Beverly I respect your decision to terminate your MNBC membership card, evidently there aren’t benefits to being part of an organization that denies an individuals rights and freedoms, does not invest in communities and is not interested in culture and most importantly does not fulfill their fiduciary obligation.

    The MNBC leadership has failed the Metis people and are on the verge of collapse. The MNBC leadership is disgraceful and their actions are reprehensible. Undoubtedly, the current MNBC leadership will go down in history as one of the most oppressive regimes.

    The individual most responsible for the demise is the MNBC President, Bruce Dumont. The entire MNBC board needs to stop being cowards and admit responsibility for the imminent disaster. I know that this would be a great deal to expect from a group who obviously are incompetent and being shielded non-accountability. The MNBC leadership have no integrity, conscience and are will go down in Metis history as one of the most oppressive regimes

    Daryl Piper
    Proud Metis

  10. Earl Belcourt September 25, 2011 at 6:30 pm #

    Great letter. I too will follow and not blindly as the followers of the MNBC have been doing for so long. I thought that the past Boards were an embarrassment, this Board has beat them all. By the way my letter will be cc’d to all the MP’s and MLA’s that I know.

  11. Metis 2011 September 26, 2011 at 8:27 am #

    Bev, I met you in Dawson Creek during a cultural event and I believe you can assist us in rebuilding a community that will enhance our Metis people, we desperately need change in our community values.Help us bring back our pride and our families to be proud of who we are without all the political infighting. Politics is killing our Nation! Congratulations on moving forward away from the MNBC as we also do not believe it represents our values. We look forward to your cultural enhancement for our youth, as you are truly that an ambassador…!

  12. Beverly Lambert September 26, 2011 at 10:51 am #

    Thank you all again and I feel free.I will not be forgotton,I care to much!!!
    I cut up my card and took back my Pride!!!
    I hope all the communities and citizens realize that we can leave the mess behind,we where just communities doing our own thing before MNBC came along,but why not join together with BCMF,we are all about Culture, Communites and Families First.
    It takes people to let go of fear,why?? when we see corruption,do we stand by and support it.
    We can build our own Self Government Organization.Do we have to rely on Government for funds for the rest of our lives.Seems to me they dictate who represents us Now.
    I have heard enough about citizens who don’t want there names mentioned,you are allowing this abuse and bullying to continue,do your part and take back our freedom and Pride,solve the problem.
    All Citizens must realize don’t stand on the fence,it takes numbers to show unity.Just because your Community stil is supporting MNBC that does not mean,you have to do too.
    As a Metis Person we can make a choice,because of our morals and family values not money or personal issues.The facts are there,so do the proper thing.
    Sign up and help take back your Nation,so we can move on wtih a fresh.
    “A New Beginning“

    So, all Citizens do not judge me for respecting myself. The next time I attend a community event I will open my arms to each and every one of you because I am Proud of you, elders, our children, we need to make the right choices together for a PROUD strong Nation.
    Infinity means (forever) that is me with COMMUNITY.∞

    Till we meet again, God blesses you all and let us be good respectful human beings.


  13. Richard Lucier-larson a.k.a. Larson September 26, 2011 at 3:48 pm #

    Tansi All;
    At 11:46 today my request (in the form of a e-mail ) went in to the MNBC Registry and B,Dumont , asking that all files of Richard Larson be returned,
    My e-mails are under the name of Lucier-larson , which I have used for 10 years,

    My email was finished with my legal name Richard Larson and my signature attached.

    However this was too difficult for the Registry Clerk to figure out , so I was assured that Richard Lucier-larson did not have any files in the MNBC, my fault , I should not assume someone would read down to the bottom of my e-mail.

    Contrary to this was a assurance by a MNBC insider that Richard Larson was indeed on file.
    So I am left with at least one option , to appeal to the several MNBC employees or staff that reads this forum to Please “Read down to the bottom of your messages”
    Richard Lucier-larson A.K.A. Richard Larson
    Not in hiding but not applying for a MNBC card either.

  14. Kokhum Donna September 26, 2011 at 10:21 pm #

    In response to a comment by Tim St, Denis…I would like to express my disappointment in your comment about First Nations spiritualism seeping into Metis Culture!!! Excuse me – I am proud of my Cree bloodline that makes me a Metis!!!! It has always been a thorn in my side that we always embrace our European fathers and grandfathers tradtitions and forgotten the proud traditions of our mothers and grandmothers… Rather chauvinsitic wouldn’t you say???I have a proud Cree lineage and I as a Metis will continue to embrace both sides of traditions that make me a proud Metis including all that First Nations spiritualism….
    Kokhum Donna

  15. Keith Henry September 27, 2011 at 1:09 pm #

    Thank you all for the responses,

    Bev’s brave stand is being reviewed by many of our Metis peope throughout BC. Others have informed me thaat they are now moving on.

    Bev I thank you for your stance as I can see this was not an eassy decision.

    Lets move forward as the BCMF for your culture.

    Thank you!

  16. Tim St. Denis September 27, 2011 at 8:31 pm #

    Hello Kokhum Donna
    I too have Cree bloodlines as my grandmother is full blood. I have no problems with those Metis who want to practice First Nations spiritualism however that is their private affair, just as my spiritual beliefs are my own. My difficulty lies in how we promote ourselves on our websites and magazines etc. If we go to our stakeholders and say we are different we should not be showing smudging ceremonies, powwows and drumming ceremonies. We should be promoting fiddling, jigging, floral beadwork etc. Having viewed many issues of the MNBC Kiwetin Magazine I was surprised at some the advertising and articles that appeared in there. Many times I had to ask myself if I was reading a Metis magazine or an Aboriginal magazine. I understand there are funding issues but I found the Metis culture to be somewhat diluted and confusing for any reader who was trying to understand what we are about. If we want the governments to stop mixing us with non status First Nation we have to start showing ourselves as being unique.

  17. Kokhum Donna September 27, 2011 at 9:27 pm #

    So be it…Deny the culture that does make us unique, the fact that we have blended the two makes us unique and to continue to deny the ceremonies of our first nations bloodline and only say that fiddling and jigging makes us unique is preposterous. It is like a denial of who we are and you are entitled to your own opinion. I applaud Kiwetin magazine which I do subscribe too for recognizing that.
    Kokhum Donna

  18. Harold Morin September 27, 2011 at 9:42 pm #

    Thank you Bev. I view your action to terminate your MNBC citizenship card as a symbolic gesture for all of us to leave this oppresive regime behind and move on.

    I am convinced that the majority of MNBC citizens suport your action. However, they are afraid and do not have the courage to take that step. We must continue to educate the general public, governments, and our Metis citizens. They must be made aware of the pending financial crisis at MNBC.

    I am confident that in the future, there will be more “Bev Lamberts” tearing up their MNBC Metis citizenship cards.

    We all share the same stories. All the MNBC citizenship card has ment to us being threatened with court action, abuse, bullying, intimidation, and manipulation tactics of the present MNBC leadership. When we look at our MNBC citizenship cards, the previous sentence is consistent with our dealings with MNBC leadership.

    This card did not make us proud citizens. The MNBC citizenship card represents treachery, abuse, manipulation, shame, dishonesty, and many other factors to numerous to mention.

    That is what the MNBC citizenship card represents to all of us.

    Thank your for having the fortitude to take this admirable and courageous action.

  19. Sherry Daniels September 28, 2011 at 1:16 pm #

    Bev I applaud you, it takes a strong person to come face to face with their enemies. I was so
    afraid to to speak my mind also, but if you sit back it just gives them more power to carry on.

    I was raised a proud Metis by my mother and grandparents, they fought a lot of battles with non aboriginals just to belong in the community, now we have to fight a battle with our own kind, just to have free speech.

    I feel that every aboriginal family has a right to paddle their canoe with a leader that will lead them to stand proud. We need a real leader for our nation like Louis Riel, that will help fight our battles to become a nation.

    Its sad to see a nation fall when so many of our ancestors fought to give us the right to live and have a voice.

    With the conflicts in MNBC over money, we all know where it is going to end. The Non Voice Of the Metis People will suffer again.

    So as proud Metis People use your voice that our great grandparents fought for.

    It hurts to think that the leaders that are out there, don’t really understand, the going ons at MNBC, and don’t have the courage to talk to their members about the real truth. The day will come when all Metis people will have to remove their blinders, but by that time it may too late.

    The leaders at MNBC will leave their post and we as Metis people will again be a lost nation, The leaders will carry on with their lives, and our nation will be in debt. So please be a strong voice and save our nation from all this corruption and deceit.

  20. Metisangel October 4, 2011 at 7:14 pm #

    Tansi Bev:
    I don’t know you and haven’t met you personally that I remember.
    I will stand strong by your side as you do this action. Me and my daughter were horribly abused by MNBC and within our local area.
    I was not raised knowing the culture, I simply listened carefully to our maternal Grandfather and information came from our maternal Great Grandfather as to the truthful name of the person on geneology records as to the name of the very person who joined the family to create Metis within us.
    When I found out we were truly Metis in 2000 I was so happy and I felt that I finally understood how come I was always so attracted to the Metis sprituality.
    Again, I will stand strong by your side in this action and have moved my family’s Metis Status (don’t know proper verbage here) to this BCMF and have encouraged others to do so as well.
    This website and the online tv type show is most wonderful and I’m grateful for it.
    Anyone who is Metis and of BCMF I hope that if you come to Penticton you will not be shy to look me up and let’s share together.

  21. Beverly November 2, 2012 at 7:07 pm #

    Omg goodnes what an inspiring letter my dear.It never occured to me to check to see for New replies. I am also so sorry for the suffering you had to endure,just email me your contact info and i will definitely visit you,in March of 2012
    b.Lambert @bcmetis.com or 604 788 8282.I hear you.
    Hope you get this message,.You make the tea and i will make some bannock for you.Breaking bread.I like it.
    Thank you for sharing Namaste.
    Proud To Be Metis – Bev

  22. Beverly November 2, 2012 at 7:08 pm #

    Sorry dear,i meant this coming year 2013

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