BC Aboriginal Business Awards Recipients

(Vancouver, BC) The BC Aboriginal Business Awards were handed out to nineteen (19) Aboriginal business recipients last night at the Hyatt Regency hotel located in downtown Vancouver. There were well over 500 guests in attendance from Aboriginal communities, post secondary institutions, Aboriginal youth, industries and governments.

The BC Aboriginal Business Awards were introduced three years ago by the Province of British Columbia through their work with the British Columbia Achievement Foundation. An advisory Panel and Jury have been created led by a number of Aboriginal business leaders from various economic development backgrounds. The event has become a focal point to celebrate Aboriginal business success from many sectors; tourism, forestry, construction, etc.

BC Métis Federation President Henry stated; “This was definitely a great event for all Aboriginal people in BC to be proud of. I was especially pleased to see an award handed to Bravo Restaurant and Lounge in Chilliwack, BC. Owner Louie De Jaeger wore a Métis Sash with pride as his business won the award in the category of 2-10 person enterprise. Louie has created an outstanding award winning restaurant offering an innovative Pacific West Coast menu in a casually elegant yet cosmopolitan setting.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded; “I know there are many more Métis businesses in BC and I truly hope our people consider nominations and support for the awards next year. It is so important to ensure Métis businesses are also highlighted as part of the economic fabric of this province and we must support these efforts collectively, regardless of our differences in our Nation today. Support for our businesses enables our communities and families to prosper and support one another. I strongly encourage Métis people in BC to support any Métis business first and foremost. If you are Chilliwack stop in to the Bravo Restaurant and Lounge and congratulate Louis and support their business. They are open 5:30 PM from Wednesday to Saturday and are located at 46224, Yale Road in Chilliwack, BC.”

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5 Responses to BC Aboriginal Business Awards Recipients

  1. Joe Desjarlais December 2, 2011 at 10:24 pm #

    Re: Dec 1 Coffeetalk:

    I recall a famous quote from an old movie, “There is iron in your words.” Words and ideas that stand the refining fire.

    The last Metis Coffeetalk on December 1st showed a clip from Senator St. Germain’s ‘unity’ speech at the MNBC – Annual General Meeting. The Senator demonstrated that he had no iron in his words. His core beliefs about the state of BC Metis nationhood work to deny the pressing concerns that we face:

    •MNBC elections are riddled with inconsistencies and don’t reflect the votes of 60,000 people they purport to represent.

    •MNBC leaders have garrisoned themselves off from the electorate in virtual silence.

    •They repeatedly shut down debate and free speech by evading public discussion in public avenues for 2 years.

    •A false sense of loyalty, betrayal and intimidation is the coercive glue that they use to manipulate their membership base. These leaders don’t trust their own people.

    •They sue engaged citizens who criticize their leadership and policy. One cannot be critical and a citizen at the same time. Individual Metis citizens are forced to go to court to defend their integrity, and to champion their civil right to carry on a free, open debate and dialogue with other citizens in spoken or written word. They are simply villainized as ‘detractors.’

    •They deny and blame others in the face of their own massive financial mismanagement.

    •They function like an interest group and act to undermine the shared public good of their own communities. They claim the right to define our success as a society without consulting us.

    •They contain Metis traditional knowledge and core beliefs of nationalism through a coercive singular ideology that denies its own history.

    •Public policies favour watered down education and economic development pacification schemes with no real substance for Metis communities. They have packaged traditional knowledge and our inherent rights into political and economic ‘ inevitabilities’ that will not bring us prosperity.

    •MNBC governance and registry processes separate and divide according to race and ethnicity.

    •MNBC functions in a colonial relationship with mainstream governments, addicted to government handouts.

    •The oil for this distorted brand of ‘nationhood’ to function is a passive, uninformed individual citizenry and the pretense of democracy.

    Once we get beyond the surface debates, no amount of rhetoric can hide the facts. There are many people in a growing movement of Metis people who believe in a new kind of Metis nationhood, where our politics is linked to ethics, to place, to community, to friendship, and a real language to describe ourselves as Metis, and as Canadians, for that matter.

    Where politicians of all stripe have iron in their words.

    Joe Desjarlais

    BOD – British Columbia Metis Federation

  2. Tim St. Denis December 4, 2011 at 8:32 am #

    Absolutely Joe!
    Listening to Senator’s speech, I feel that he really is following rabbit tracks. Or should I say rabbit droppings? Sadly he is asking everyone else to follow them too. He stated that our leaders “are human”, falling short of sating that they have made mistakes. Mr. St. Germain is human also. I feel he speaks political rhetoric with little substance or knowledge of the real issues. I really question whether he tried to read the last financial statement. To throw his support behind this type of leadership shows me either he is ill-informed or feels their behaviour is acceptable. Either way it smells. Let us remember that Mr. St. Germain built his political career during the Mulroney era. He has accepted the style of government practiced by the MNBC.
    The gruesome situation at Attawapiskat is a typical example of how government will turn a blind eye until they are embarrassed to act.
    Happy hunting Senator St. Germain.

  3. Richard Lucier-larson December 4, 2011 at 2:30 pm #

    Tansi All:
    Joe and Tim, I share your concerns and whole heartily feel we should give up on the MNBC and all who share their ideas of power from the top down.
    Joe your:
    “MNBC functions in a colonial relationship with mainstream governments, addicted to government handouts. ”
    In the minds of a lot of us (more each day are taking out BCMF membership ) it’s time to move on to rebuilding the Métis Nation.
    Enough has been said about the flawed policies of the MNBC, In the group I talk to the MNBC is just part of our unpleasant history.

    Richard Lucier-larson
    B.O.D. BCMF

  4. Daryl Piper December 4, 2011 at 3:55 pm #

    I think Senator St. Germain’s comments are irresponsible and it really sickens me that he would hide behind the government and not even address the fiscal mismanagement and incompetent MNBC leadership. I am not asking Senator St. Germain to choose a side, I just want him to acknowledge the seriousness of the issues that plague the MNBC and not simply ignore them and mislead the Metis people.

    Senator St. Germain commented you have to trust your leaders, stay the course, look were we are today, and he went on to say how we have to stick together and its business as usual and your leaders will look after the Nation.

    I have to question Senator St. Germain and to why he is taking this stance-

    Is he protecting the federal governments interests?

    Is the Senator protecting his position in the senate?

    Is he protecting the MNBC leadership?

    I cannot answer for the Senator, all I know is I used to have a great deal of respect for Senator St. Germain and because of the fact that he came from Winnipeg were I grew up and Senator St. Germain knew my family and we all were proud of him and highly respected him so it is very disappointing to me and I feel betrayed by Senator St. Germain.

  5. Richard Lucier-larson December 6, 2011 at 10:36 pm #

    Good news another large family from up Island have phoned me with the news they are removing their name and files , sending in cut up cards from the MNBC, why ?
    They watched the Good Senator giving his speak on the MNBC Video.
    I think the BCMF should thank him for increasing our membership.
    Get ready for a lot more Sandy,
    Richard Lucier_larson
    A Proud Member of the BCMF

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