BC Métis Federation First Official Christmas Dinner

(Vancouver, BC) The BC Métis Federation has been a registered as a non-profit corporation as of June 2011. The BC Métis Federation evolved out of the former Coalition of Concerned Métis Citizens and there is no denying the success given the ongoing capacity building and numerous successes achieved.

The BC Métis Federations organized their first ever Christmas Dinner for board and staff. The evening was arranged at the Cloud 9 restaurant 42 floors high in the heart of downtown Vancouver on Robson Street. The Christmas dinner was for the board and staff. However a decision was made to invite other Métis and friends of the BC Métis Federation who wanted to attend. There were 45 people who decided to attend making the event a great success.

BC Métis Federation President Henry stated; “What a great way to finish 2011 as we close our offices until January 3rd. The mood was positive and the sense of hope for the future never stronger. The meal was great and the feeling of team and unity provided the board members and staff who were able to attend a real sense of motivation.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry added; “A few of our board members and staff were unable to attend for a variety of reasons. They were missed but I can assure them the first face to face BC Métis Federation board meeting January 28th and 29th has increased in its’ importance given the recent events unfolding at MNBC and increased support for the BC Métis Federation.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded; “The time for change is now. Métis people need to become members of the BC Métis Federation and push hard as individuals and families to have their community organizations sign a Statement of Cooperation with the BC Métis Federation. Only then will this show government that Métis people do not accept the massive fiscal challenges they did not create by individual incompetent MNBC board members, consultants, and staff. Remember the BC Métis Federation forecasted the financial downfall of the MNBC and recent events have proved us right 100% correct once more. At this point there appears to be no stopping the inevitable financial destruction of the MNBC.”

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13 Responses to BC Métis Federation First Official Christmas Dinner

  1. Ken J. Fisher – Nova Office -Surrey December 19, 2011 at 12:00 pm #

    Hi – It was a nice family social event evening that served to fortify the resolve of all BC Metis Federation supporters. They continue to be the only true and “truthful” voice of all Metis in BC. Keep up the fight to win back honesty, integrity, responsibility and transparency for the good of all Metis in BC. Our future depends on BC Metis Federation as the voice of Metis of all ages so that we can move forward with confidence for all our citizens. Thank you! KJF

    We’ve had to cope with the non communicating, poorly performing “fat cats” at MNBC head office and no news of the reality of their disastrous debt ridden/overspending after 3 years in office. Can’t forgert the Nepotism and illegal suspentions of 3 elected Board members.

    It seems sad somehow that Dumont and his puppets still cling to the myth that “all is well” – “Don’t worry” – “Be Happy”. Well it’s now time to realize that they have brought down the profile and hard won reputation of the MNBC and the Metis people who voted them into office in September 2008. A total failure of greedy people who didn’t know when to stop! Shame on them. Bruce Dumont, Dave Hodsgson, Henry Hall and the rest resign now.

  2. Tim St. Denis December 19, 2011 at 1:29 pm #

    “BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded; “The time for change is now. Métis people need to become members of the BC Métis Federation”
    I agree 100%.
    Now is the time to bury the hatchet with those Community Presidents who did not come on board with the BCMF. I can only assume, to use a Metis term, they were “keeping their powder dry”, not knowing whether the MNBC ship was going to sink. Many Presidents still probably think that selling the school will keep MNBC afloat and will not switch allegiance until they know for sure. I cannot judge each President’s position and must forgive their indecision at a crucial time when they may have been in denial that their beloved MNBC was, and still is, sinking. It takes a while to move from acknowledgement to acceptance and even longer to act.
    Daniel Pitman’s rant shows me he is truly in denial. Hopefully the other Presidents will see him as I do. He reminds me of a cabin boy on the Titanic who is handing out bailing buckets to all who will listen. All the while he is hoping his loyalty will get him fast tracked to captain.
    My hope is that this new year will be one of wisdom and forgiveness in our Metis Communities. We will have to detach from those who are in it to swim it and welcome all others aboard. IMO.

  3. Kokhum Donna December 19, 2011 at 7:41 pm #

    Just because a person believes in MNBC does noty mean they support the corruption, mismanagement, lack of transparency misguided decisons be whatever…you all voted this board into office twice now abd the only thing you all seem really good at doing is passing the buck …There’s been more than one of you who have slept very comfortably with the enemy so to speak and this division is really exhausting, embarrassing and frustrating. The school could have and should have been a source of pride for the Metis but instead we just have two sides flinging mud at each other. You just don’t go jumping ship when the waters get rough or the seas are murky..what example are we showing the youth of our nation? Yes there is debt and alot of it but each and everyone of you that voted in this board are equally responsible so get on with the business of correcting the past mistakes and get over yourselves….united we stand divided we will certainly fall…

    • Richard Lucier-larson December 20, 2011 at 12:13 pm #

      I find it rather amazing that Grandma Donna has not really understood what is going on, I base this impression on her :
      “you all voted this board into office twice”
      There was and still is a lot of us in B.C. who lost all confidence in the MNBC years ago, the ongoing antics of the Métis politicians in the MNBC were the last people we wanted to be associated with, It really doesn’t take to much common sense to see why.
      At a time when many of us had given up on the concept of a Métis Nation, we became aware of this small group in the lower mainland called the CCMC, we looked, we listened and what we saw was a reawakening of the Métis Nation located in B.C.
      Our family is large, close knit and actually communicates with each other.
      We are also known for not being gullible.
      After watching the CCMC website and asking cousins to compare notes, it was left to me to have a good look at the CCMC at the first large gathering last spring at North Vancouver.
      There I met many old Métis friends and relatives who thought the same way, we all seen a way forward to replace the present MNBC with a more democratic, transparent , responsible organization that would obviously be needed when the MNBC disappeared in a pool of self inflicted debt.
      I may suggest that what we are showing our youth is that a Métis organization can exist without all the nepotism, favoritism, corruption and lying, and can do something different, work for the Métis people not themselves.
      I see a great future for the BCMF as long as we can stick to our founding principals, which in short, is power from the bottom up.

      Richard Lucier-larson
      Director of the BCMF (unpaid)
      And not afraid to use my own name
      Contact info posted on this website click button “about “
      Look under Board of Directors for bio and contact info.

  4. Keith Henry December 20, 2011 at 8:05 am #

    Good morning Kokhum Donna,

    I appreciate your views but feel you do not fully understand our issues or point of view.

    First the fact is MNBC is a nonprofit corporation and many of us did vote in 2008 at the last MNBC General Election. However, that does not mean I support the irresponsible government or worse that I cannot be part of change. I believe anyone who has contributed to rejecting tough decisions is supporting MNBC. People cannot say they did not know, we have provided a fact based argument about our concerns from the very beginning, almost three years now.

    We have been clear from the start about what many of us believe went wrong at the MNBC. We have been transparent about our views, answered public criticisms, and offered solutions all along. MNBC leaders and their supporters have rejected our assistance to date. That is a fact.

    I hope people such as you get to a place to accept that MNBC is only a nonprofit organization that has become defunct. There is no magical solution and their financial downfall has been 100% self produced and inevitable. People like us put countless hours to suggest how to fix the situation and I wonder if people like you wrote to MNBC leaders to demand answers if you still wanted MNBC to survive? We dd under the CCMC for 2 years and no answers were ever really provided by any MNBC leaders.

    I agree the division is embarrassing but again the former CCMC and now BC Metis Federation provided Metis people other solutions. Today Metis community leaders can sign statements of cooperation with the BC Metis Federation. In fact the MNBC board could request to sign with the BC Metis Federation.

    I would ask you not to suggest publicly that we, or any other MNBC citizens, are responsible for the MNBC debt. This is irresponsible and misguided. I would feel we are if MNBC had completed proper consultation before the purchases and debts were incurred. The fact is they did not and therefore you cannot suggest to me that Metis people need to pull together and are responsible for the debt.

    In closing Donna I can read that you still have yet to accept the financial situation at the MNBC for how serious it is. This is not about allegations of “jumping ship” as you say. Or your attempts to suggest we somehow owe loyalty for being around in the past? This is unfair and completely wrong. I owe nothing to the MNBC and worked hard to build the MNBC in my time. Sad to see what people have ruined since I left.

    Based on facts to date, I feel it is now out of the control as “members” of the MNBC because of inaction by MNBC board members. The bank is taking steps to force the sale of the school and the cash flow at MNBC cannot support obligations for programs from what we understand. Therefore real people will get hurt and that is never acceptable. Point is MNBC citizens cannot fix unless people want to donate millions to correct the debt realized by their mismanagement, irresponsible debt financing, and outright deception. I would never support this and neither you nor MNBC supporters can make me feel this uninformed loyalty.

    One final point is that MNBC themselves could have clarified and answered the calls and questions at any point. Why not? Where is their transparency? Here you are assuming all sorts of nonsense and you have no idea about the true MNBC financial position and what is really going on. Then people like you hide behind rhetoric about the youth? Okay so what are you saying if you stand behind an MNBC regime who has lied to their people, run a dictatorship, never transparent, countless personal attacks? Frankly that is very disappointing to read in your post and one I and the BC Metis Federation do not accept.

    Regardless of my indifference and strong opposition to your points I wish you all the best.

    If you feel as passionate as you do I hope you send an email to MNBC President Dumont, Vice President Dave Hodgson, and Treasurer Bob Trumbley to demand these answers to your post. Be sure to outline the importance of leadership with the youth. Perhaps after years of no answers you will better understand why many of us have moved on.

    Time to be strong and support the tough decisions together.

  5. Metis Citizen December 20, 2011 at 8:16 am #

    After reading your post Kokum Donna, it saddens me to still hear these comments after all the CCMC and the BCMF have published and paid attention to in our education of facts backed up with documentation. Where have you been?

    During the election I remember documents published that showed the election misappropriation of four board members that used MNBC funding for pamphlets. There has been also concern of the same leaders using MNBC funds for flying to communities for campaigning, while still using their MNBC paid for cell phones. So I ask you, as you state, ” you voted them in”, I beg to differ “YES” we voted them in if all was done legally and with a level playing field. We do have election rules and an act.

    We jumped ship because we seen the lack of accountability, and transparency, and witness to criminal activity such as selling off of the equipment from the Red River rangers by a Vice President, personally benefiting by MNBC property. Taking citizens to court for unfounded fabricated charges, acting in bad faith against those that don’t support the MNBC, playing communities against communities.

    The school could of been a good deal? The school was improperly dealt with upon its purchase, no feasibility study, no business plan, done in ‘secrecy’ -NO CONSULTATION with the members that comprise the Nation. Only a few benefit from a school including First Nations in the south while our funds allotted for our region fly south to pay for it.

    The CCMC worked hard to put forth solutions, but were ignored including shutting off mics at an AGM, a year later many of our suggestions like cutting board salaries, and selling the school are coming to fruition. Only difficulty these actions were not done by the good graces and sound business decisions of the illegally elected board, it is being forced upon them by the Royal Bank of Canada.

    We “the people” did not elect this current board they sit in these very seats by nefarious means and those citizens that are supporting this corruption deserve what they get, by not speaking up and doing something about it. Yes, and this is new organization and one that we can all participate in our local communities.

    If you support corruption and no Open governance, then you are right were you wish to be in the wrong place.

    There should be prison sentences issued

  6. Cranberry Junction December 20, 2011 at 10:00 am #

    Correcting past mistakes… hmmm What is the old saying, “been there done that”. Our two attendances at the past MNGA’s and AGM’s was our attempt to fix these problems. It was in the hands of your president that sits at the table, did you hold your President accountable? Citizens have no say in this current MNBC governance that is how it is set up. The Presidents that are pro-MNBC get to sit at the table, the ones that are not get resolutions put forth to get them out of the way, or they are threatened to have their communities cut off.

    Now that the chickens are out of the fence the foxes are poised to eat them, and it takes more than one Metis citizen to round them up and keep the safe. Sometimes It takes a smart farmer to realize when it is a losing battle and butcher his chickens before the fox eats them all.

  7. Metis 2011 December 20, 2011 at 12:06 pm #

    I agree with Metis citizen, with corrupt elections you pretty much vote yourself in with the usage of resources no one else has access to. Show me the phone bills from any MNBC board member during the election, I was there and seen them being used. It took the CCMC to expose the election scandal which resulted in 3 suspended directors because they asked questions.

    Good grief take your head out of the sand, embarrassing is the presidents that continue to support this menagerie of pretend leaders.

  8. Little Lotta December 20, 2011 at 12:14 pm #

    Wait they answered the CCMC, Keith … I remember ‘govern yourself accordingly’, and we are going to sue you. Some government, you imagine if the BC government treated its citizens with this contempt? It all stems down to the lacky lawyer and the corruption of leaders who do not know how to lead.

  9. BC Metis~E.Bitterman December 20, 2011 at 12:39 pm #

    Richard you have relayed my thoughts eloquently. The Metis Nation is about family, it is about our community. In our region we used to have a local charter called the Red River Metis Society. It slowly dwindled due to the lack of support from the MNBC. Without basic community support it makes it difficult to have a united force of Metis to work on common goals. I only recently began to be involved in Metis events, and followed the politics, It was a real eye opener for me to understand how different it is today, in comparison to how our ancestors treated each other with mutual respect. What has our Nation evolved into, lawyers fighting lawyers? Divisions are created because of self interest motives rather than working towards the betterment of our community as a whole. Unity is stronger than division, I agree, and it certaintly not the BCMF creating this division as I head into another round of court with the MNBC and the mean spirited alike in March 2012.

  10. Joe Desjarlais December 20, 2011 at 4:52 pm #


    MNBC political leadership in British Columbia has been a reflection of colonial ideas. Ideas that divide. Deny. React. Blame. Separate. Control. Commodify. You can choose your actions as a leader but you can’t choose the consequences. The consequences in Metis lives have been confusion. Alienation. Apathy. Anger. False loyalty, and false divisions…

    As the result, Metis people in British Columbia exist in a political vacuum. They have been mis-represented in the deepest sense of the word.

    At the core, the decision I made to be involved with the BCMF is an ethical choice. I realized my voice can make a difference. Like it or leave it, Metis politics is the only way we have to shape our society, to balance executive power with a search for justice and truth, and real democracy happens every day by engaged citizens.

    Your appeals to a false unity is more about condoning antidemocratic, unaccountable behaviour. In short, its tyranny. Your type of sloganeering is wearing thin. Its a false populism. The real populism is what has been taking place among concerned metis citizens.

    I was desperate for political representation that reflected our ethical reality as Metis and as Canadians. This why I joined the Coalition of Concerned Metis Citizens and now the British Columbia Metis Federation. I know that others feel the same way. I see being Metis as an expanding circle that impacts the greater society. The public good of Metis society, and that of mainstream Canada. The current MNBC leaders have garrisoned themselves away from public scrutiny. They fear and distrust their own people, and function like an interest group, devoid of the values that are historic Metis.

    I want to be affiliated with leaders that are committed to Metis values in the way they organize. Ideas like belonging, dignity, respect , justice, equality and inclusion are in our DNA and we know it. As I argue, they are also Canadian if we look closely.

    Think about Canada for a moment. Our country did not happen on its own. It was because of intentional leaders who forged a creative, carefully negotiated path forward. There were many reasons why Canada might have failed, but it didn’t – and we all benefit.

    Canada is an ethical pact. From the earliest nation-to-nation nation indigenous friendship treaties, to responsible government, to Louis Riel as a western reformer, and down through to current days, we see intention reflected in our public strategy at our best moments. We all know it when leaders lose sight of this careful balance. We witness this in the wake of the devastation over the last 3 years in BC Metis politics. Keith, Richard, and the other bloggers have explained this conundrum we face quite well.

    The British Columbia Metis Federation is an intentional act along the continuim of those who embrace change,..we invite others to explore these meanings with us!

  11. Daryl Piper December 20, 2011 at 11:17 pm #

    Kokhum Donna I am astounded at your comments. Let me remind you of the 2009 AGM were the MNBC leadership announced they had purchased a school and formed a new business venture referred to as Meet-so catering and how they were going to generate revenue for our Metis communities although the MNBC leadership did not have proper community consultation and in addition they have never publicly presented a business plan or feasibility study.

    Since then the MNBC have incurred a massive debt, unpaid municipal taxes, closed Meet-so catering and now the school is now up for sale and the MNBC is on the brink of bankruptcy. The MNBC leadership have never been accountable or transparent. The MNBC leadership have been a complete failure.

    Kokhum Donna you state in your comments that we shouldn’t be forced to choose a side and you know the MNBC has a lot of debt and that seems to be okay with you and you think we just need to stay the course, however you are concerned about the impression we leave on our youth.

    Kokhum Donna I completely disagree with your comments and I question your rational and wonder why you choose to ignore this disaster the MNBC leadership have created and you want to support them at all costs even if it jeopardizes the programs and services that our Metis people need. I question what impression you leave on our youth.

    Kokhum Donna the former CCMC and now the BCMF have never suggested that the Metis people choose sides in fact we worked diligently to bring solutions to the MNBC debt crisis and presented our blue print strategy along with our debt recovery plan. We have done everything we can to save the Nation and it disappoints me when you try a point the finger at the BCMF.

    Kokhum Donna thank you for your comments and I wish you well.

  12. TIM St Denis December 21, 2011 at 9:20 am #

    Kokhum Donna,
    I too have “slept with the enemy”. I provided a service and accounted for every minute of my 9 month and 20 hour per week tenure. I was required to document everything I did and presented it weekly, biweekly and then monthly as I should. I left on good terms and resigned my volunteer position a chair of my committee prior to “jumping ship”. In comparison my Regional Director Henry Hall has shown no accountability. In all of the lower mainland Chartered Community meetings I attended during my 9 months which I would estimate at 15, I saw him at two meetings and one of those meetings was at his own Chartered Community. I won’t bore you with the expenses he compiled at that time as they have already been posted on this web site and I am sure you have looked them up.
    You express yourself in an intelligent manner and I am amazed that you would make the statements you make having if you have been reading all that has been posted here. You seem to understand that there was corruption yet still are in denial that the MNBC is falling into bankruptcy and that once in bankruptcy will be unable to acquire government funding. We need a new ship to carry on in order for our youth to continue to get funding. The financial statement presented at the 2010 AGM and the irresponsible behaviour of the MNBC told me MNBC was not going to make it. I decided to resign from MNBC and help start a new organization that would be in position to carry on. The government could easily make us wait another 5 years to get our house in order. I am hoping this does not happen. I am hoping they see the BCMF as a responsible group to carry on funding until we can have another election. Without the BCMF, while the MNBC is in bankruptcy there are no funds to hold an election. Hopefully this helps to clarify. Being responsible is not always being popular. As a grandparent you know that.
    I wish you well because, like you, I am Metis.

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