Metis Culture is still alive in Prince Rupert!

There was a Métis get together in Prince Rupert on December 7th. Rene Therrien of the BCMF was on hand to play some Métis fiddle tunes. The event was a fantastic success and shows that if Métis people get involved then Métis culture will continue to thrive. The gathering was intended to foster fellowship and to share ideas and enjoy listening to some good music. Both Métis and non-Métis enjoyed listening to Joe and Darleen Savorali entertain them with great songs. Many old acquaintances were renewed again and the group has decided to meet again early in the New Year.

This is another example of how the BC Métis Federation is reaching out to all communities throughout BC!

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  1. Keith Henry December 13, 2011 at 9:21 am #

    Thank you to Rene Therrien (BC Metis Federation board member and his wife for traveling to Prince Rupert to support this event. Also thank you to April McLean-Collart (BC Metis Federation board member) for her work to bring a community event together.

    This is start to many things our BC Metis Federation are leading…

  2. Richard Lucier-larson December 13, 2011 at 10:16 pm #

    It’s good to see the real Métis people put on events like these to preserve the Métis culture.
    As many of us have been planning events in various community’s for some time , it’s nice to see the results.
    Many thanks to Rene and April for all their hard work and for doing this on limited or no outside funding, they do it because they are proud to be Métis, not paid to be.
    Richard Lucier-larson
    A proud member of the BCMF

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