BC Métis Federation Opposes Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines Project

BC Metis Federation Announces Opposition

(Vancouver, BC) The BC Métis Federation board members met on Wednesday, April 24th, 2012 and during their board meeting passed a resolution to oppose the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines Project on behalf of their members and Métis communities.
The BC Métis Federation is a provincial Métis representative organization established in 2011 and has signed cooperation agreements with Métis communities from Fort St. John, Surrey, Vancouver, North Saanich, and Kelly Lake. BC Métis Federation has also reached agreements with the Métis Veterans Association – BC and other service delivery organizations. The BC Métis Federation launched a provincial membership card in September 2011 and continues to receive membership applications from all over British Columbia while recognizing thousands of members within each of the Métis communities working with the BC Métis Federation, recognizing that some will be directly impacted by the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines Project.

BC Métis Federation President Henry stated, “This project has been a contentious conversation topic within our Métis community for the last few years. We began to review our position carefully after we heard growing frustration and concerns about the lack of proper consultation for Métis people, many of which could be directly impacted if the project proceeds.”

President Henry added, “We completed months of community meetings, provided an opportunity for an online poll where over 480 Métis people participated, and utilized our online Métis Coffee Talk show to share project information. The results of the significant BC Métis Federation process provided a clear mandate for our board to draft a resolution that we believed reflected the majority voice for our Métis members. ”

President Henry concluded, “The MNBC has been provided significant resources to consult with Métis people and only now they are organizing a meeting in early May to review this project. They have failed consultation and not provided timey information to the Métis people. This has led to serious questions about how MNBC used these resources and why this sudden meeting in May. This has also led to an overwhelming majority of Métis people against the project because many do understand the project details. Despite the failures of MNBC consultation Métis people have made their own determinations and BC Métis Federation will ensure Enbridge and the regulators are informed how many of the Métis people feel in BC. The BC Métis Federation resolution provides a number of reasons why the unanimous vote; respect for First Nations law, lack of proper Métis consultation, the potential adverse impacts far outweigh any proposed benefits, questions about who would really benefit if MNBC has already signed an equity stake, etc. We want to be sure Métis people throughout BC know the BC Métis Federation will take action and ensure their majority voice is heard. I strongly feel one of the most compelling reasons for the strong resistance by Métis people today is due to the manner in which this project is being sold to Métis people. Some Métis people say the government will force this project through anyways so why not support? This is very dangerous thinking and many of us know that the Federal Government has a very long road ahead legally should they try to force this project through. Métis people are deciding to oppose the project because they will not feel forced by any government. If the Federal Government tries to force the project through, a least Métis people will know that we did all we could to protect our traditional lifestyles and right to self determination. It is not just about money.”

For more information about BC Métis Federation please review the BC Métis Federation website www.bcmetis.com.

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BC Metis Federation Enbridge Resolution FINAL

5 Responses to BC Métis Federation Opposes Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines Project

  1. Metis 2012 April 25, 2012 at 11:01 am #

    I am glad to see an official stance on the enbridge gateway pipeline project. MNBC continues to keep us in the dark as to their official stance while continuing to have meetings and economic summits without any community input. It is apparent they have received a lot of consultation funding without actually doing any consulting besides their own inhouse economic development. Rumours have surfaced that Dan Pope is the president of the environmental company (niche environmental ltd) in partnership with MNBC doing the traditional land use studies for enbridge. If that isn’t a conflict of interest I don’t know what is. Getting paid in environmental studies while you hold a political position representing Metis people? Isn’t a elected representative suppose to be representing the interests and protecting the rights of Metis people, where did you get the mandate to support the enbridge pipeline development besides being bought. It is apparent that self interests have overridden the traditional rights and consultation with the Metis communities. You would figure community decisions as large as this have to be ratified by the majority of the communities who are affected by projects. A prime example of that is a Gitxsan negotiator elmer derrick believing he had the community mandate to support enbridge and sign a deal, what resulted was blockades of offices by community members. MNBC now is hiring a consultation coordinator, isn’t that like getting the cart before the horse? The enbridge decision has already been made as governments, and industry and bought MNBC a long time ago without any accounting for consultation or documentation that they have actually performed consultation meetings. A court challenge at this current time would be successful as there has been no consultation with our communities, and no record of any meetings to formulate that opinion. The only options are 1. Civil disobedience 2. Expensive court challenges 3. Media attention as the joint review panel is a farce. PS. I forgot first nations are labelled as terrorists by tom flanagan when they stand up to protect their traditional way of life. Its going to be a interesting summer.

  2. Richard lucier-larson April 25, 2012 at 8:04 pm #

    Now that you mentioned Tom Flanagan, How can you tell Flanagan is lying ?
    When you see his lips move.

  3. An Oliver Terrorist April 25, 2012 at 11:24 pm #

    MNBC has scheduled for May 11&12 what they are calling a Community Advisory Meeting to “review the project.”

    MNBC cover letter indicates in short: “The meeting will include overviews on the technical aspects of the project, including environmental, marine and engineering.” Education and training, and business procurement will also be discussed as part of the Labour Market Partnership Accord.|

    What I find interesting is that they have scheduled a Labour Market Partnership Accord Celebratory Signing on the Friday night.

    The following is on the web regarding the Accord

    Labour Market Partnership Agreement with the Métis Nation of British Columbia – As a result of a Labour Market Partnership Agreement that Enbridge signed with the Métis Nation of British Columbia, we have formed a committee that will develop strategies to increase Métis participation in the construction and operation of potential Enbridge pipelines in British Columbia.

    If the scheduled “Labour Market Partnership Accord Celebratory Signing” is a renewal of that accord, is not having all the community representatives in attendance to witness the signing of the accord imply community approval to the Northern Gateway Project (NGP)? After all, how can you celebrate an accord to increase Metis participation and operation of Enbridge pipelines and be against the pipeline?

    The whole thing seems like the usual dirty MNBC tactic. Come out with a message that they are having the meeting to provide information on the project to be taken back to the communities for discussion (Saturday) when in fact the real purpose is to have all communities present when they ink the real deal on the Friday night.

    Hopefully, presidents have already discussed the pipeline in their community and if their community is opposed they do what they can to stop the signing of any accord.

  4. Metis April 26, 2012 at 4:01 am #

    This agreement was signed in 2008! Thats how much they tell us out there, so the Metis were bought a longtime ago. I dont support this pipeline in support of my first nation cousins, it is not worth the environmental risk, for a promise of a job. It is amazing I never had the chance to communicate that, and I think I will when a bunch of us crash this pre-arranged enbridge deal signing meeting…whos in?

  5. Richard Lucier-larson April 29, 2012 at 9:34 pm #


    The yinka dene alliance are on their way.
    Good luck and safe traveling to them.

    Richard lucier-larson

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