MNBC Internal General Election Charade – Return of Bruce

(Vancouver, BC) The BC Métis Federation is providing a statement today in light of the ongoing and new developments concerning the upcoming Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) General Election scheduled for September 15th. The BC Métis Federation has been critical of the handling of the MNBC election by the current MNBC board and management. The initial attempts by MNBC representatives to alter their own governance processes were clear on July 12th. This included a random vote by Métis Nation Governing Assembly (MNGA) members regarding the Chief Electoral Officer and a decision to hold their upcoming MNBC election only by mail in ballots. Both of these decisions were to be made completely contrary to MNBC’s stated laws. BC Métis Federation sent letters to MNBC but as usual there was no response. Today BC Métis Federation believes the current Chief Electoral Officer has been improperly appointed. Furthermore BC Métis Federation is unclear if the upcoming MNBC General Election will in fact have polling stations or not.

Regardless this week BC Métis Federation was also surprised to be forwarded information proving that current MNBC President Bruce Dumont will seek re-election ( Mr. Dumont and several other current MNBC board members have been stating for years they were not going to seek re-election. Clearly this is no longer the case.

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry stated, “This is no surprise to BC Métis Federation and a major reason why we continue to encourage other Métis communities and current MNBC citizenship card holders to terminate their association with MNBC. MNBC is not going to change and in light of the serious financial issues MNBC has, why bother? We respect this is a personal choice but let’s consider some of the hard cold facts of what Bruce Dumont and the current MNBC board created in only the last four years:

  1. Millions in new MNBC debt and still do not know the extent of the additional debt MNBC is facing from this last year as the 2011-2012 statements are not out yet;
  2. Purchased a school in 2009 without any mandate ignoring MNBC governance;
  3. Failed at the school and trying to sell;
  4. Started and failed at Meetso Catering;
  5. Failed to be transparent or accountable regarding the MNBC Debt Recovery Plan despite clear statements in their documents released in May 2011;
  6. Almost no cultural support in four years for their Chartered Communities;
  7. Almost no capacity support in four years for Chartered Communities;
  8. Threatened people who stood up to him, for example in Fort St. John spring 2012;
  9. Orchestrated law suits using MNBC resources against people who questioned MNBC;
  10. Terminated countless Métis staff and today the MNBC has very few of our own people working in the MNBC offices;
  11. Manipulated decisions regarding the controversial Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines Project and despite a large majority of Métis opposition. Bruce has now signed on in support of the equity deal;
  12. Plus much more.”

President Henry added, “Mr. Dumont and a number of the current MNBC board members will likely run again promising their MNBC members how they defend Métis self governance, etc.. Yes that same MNBC governance where Mr. Dumont has used to remove communities such as Prince Rupert in 2009 where today the direct MNBC interference by him has resulted in nothing. Worse yet the new organization in Prince Rupert MNBC tried to insert have not taken shape because individuals have taken First Nation status. This is not the only place Mr. Dumont attempted to do this. In Fort St. John this past spring he actually stated Fort St. John Métis Society cannot serve two masters in light of the fact this organization has decided to work with the BC Métis Federation. It appears Mr. Dumont feels he and the MNBC are somehow the divine ultimate authority and their Chartered Communities and MNBC citizenship card holders are to simply listen to their dictatorship.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “Mr. Dumont has been proven incapable of being truthful. I heard Bruce state in a public forum in 2010 and again in 2011 that he was not going to run for MNBC, well today this is false. I heard Bruce state that the Prime Minister gave MNBC stimulus money of about $1.5 million in 2011. Well where is it? I have heard him repeatedly state that MNBC is in a good financial position meanwhile the organization has realized over $3 million in new debt in only 4 years. There is so much more. Bruce and his supporters have literally pushed MNBC to almost complete bankruptcy and that is a fact. Bruce has continued to financially benefit and we estimate received in excess of $1 million for this position over the last 4 years. He conveniently became the MNBC President and CEO and what has not been clear is how much has he been paid over the 4 years in these roles? No matter what we think, the question is do his results justify such major remuneration while so many of the Métis families struggle to meet their basic needs? I say absolutely not. I only hope Métis people watching decide enough is enough and do not participate or support MNBC and this nonsense one more day. You can take action by not voting or participating in the MNBC General Election. We can move on and we are with the BC Mètis Federation.”

Thank you

Keith Henry
BC Métis Federation
#300-3665 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC, V5R 5W2
Office 1-604-638-7220
Cell 1-778-388-5013

You can follow BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry on twitter @keithhenryMetis

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7 Responses to MNBC Internal General Election Charade – Return of Bruce

  1. marlene August 3, 2012 at 1:34 pm #

    probably the only reason that he is running is because of the handful of voters ,that they have selected, with promises of gold and cell phones and laptops, will vote for him. It baffles me why the government condones this cultural geneocide.OOPS I forgot who is running the government ” put that on my credit card won’t ya”

  2. Dean Lenglet August 3, 2012 at 6:50 pm #

    I also can recall Bruce saying he wasn’t running for re-election. Oh well, I guess the freebies at the trough are far too good to give up. I agree with Marlene when she states that the handful of selected people will vote the “skipper” back in. I wonder who will play Gilligan in this joke of an organization? It is completely unfathomable to think people still believe anything this guy says and does. Oops, strike “does” because he has done nothing but spend money with reckless abandon on himself and friends. What will happen when the school gets a lock on it from Abbotsford for tax delinquency? Who will own the records and computers with all of the MNBC members and their private information? No point asking Bruce and the clowns at MNBC because they never respond to any questions.

  3. Richard Lucier-larson August 4, 2012 at 10:17 am #

    Tansi All ;
    Very interesting, for all who may be voting, I would suggest a question to ” Bruce the Almighty”

    Who paid for the Stuffed Buffalo head he has hanging on his office wall ?

    If he can’t be trusted with a small item of not telling the truth, can he be trusted with anything ?

    Richard Lucier-larson
    A proud member of the BCMF who has never received a cent in B C Metis politics, (that includes working with the cultural events as” Red River West”

  4. Tim St. Denis August 5, 2012 at 11:53 pm #

    I guess he’s going to keep trying until he gets it right.

  5. s.daniels August 7, 2012 at 11:55 am #


    I guess Mr. Dumont needs a guest home attached to his home built by Metis Dollars.
    To allow this man to run for re election is a major disaster. He has lead his own people to a bleak future, everything that they brought to the table to help the nation has failed. He put the Nation into dept, with no recovery. And he has the nerve to put his face out there again, as he no SHAME.

    Please Proud Metis People vote for what is right and for someone who will be true to us and re build a nation we can all be proud of.


    • Ceoral Haynes August 8, 2012 at 4:46 pm #

      Amen S.Daniels!

  6. Ceoral Haynes August 9, 2012 at 3:07 pm #

    The absolute arrogance and callousness of this man is astounding. His actions (or rather inaction) over a far too lengthy term, has left the Metis people of BC in peril. The lives and conditions of our people have not improved in the slightest and are arguably in a worse state since (to quote Mr. Lucier-Larson) “Bruce the Almighty” has reigned. I am disgusted and infuriated when considering all of the resources squandered and allocated to the benefit of Mr. Dumont and the rest of his “Almighty” elite.

    They have created and sustained comfortable lives quite literally on the backs of the Metis people for far too long.Countless pure-intentioned, genuine people and Metis service agencies struggle day-to-day to balance and reconcile mounting/immense need with minimal resources. Hearts of these people ache not only to provide much needed resources ( programs, outreach, support, advocacy) but also to re-claim/develop Metis culture and identity. Where has Mr. Dumont been all this time? Perhaps I am wrong, but I always perceived and believed leadership to exemplify the absolute BEST of it’s people…to pay attention and care instead of lip-service, to promote (and demonstrate) core METIS values of integrity, honesty and community.
    It is time for a change. I for one will not tolerate or condone (through inaction or apathy) the continued genocide of our people…and yes people…..this is our reality.
    My heart is full of excitement and renewed hope as I see the work of the BCMF unfold; I am, today, proud to be Metis.

    “I know you don’t know
    What life is really worth.
    It’s not all that glitters is gold;
    ‘All the story has never been told:
    So now you see the light, eh!
    Stand up for your rights. come on”

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