Idle No More for the Love of Mother Earth Rally

Cariboo Interior and Northern Interior Metis Cultural Society, and the BC Metis Federation would like everyone to join us, as one voice to protest Bill-C45 and other Bills. It all starts with educating all Canadians on what this means and learn to respect one another. We must stand shoulder to shoulder with First Nations peoples and try understand how these changes will affect our and their future. We would like to invite all chiefs and guest speakers to speak on behalf of their Nations, and any elders or youth. We must reach out and help others to understand our culture is very important, so any dancers or drummers welcome. Support our Thunderous Rally for Mother Earth.

Lets hear those drums, not dictators or tankers.
We are Idle No More

Prince George Courthouse
250 George St.
Prince George
5 pm

Contact Patrick Pocha:
Prince George BC 250-561-9484

Download the INM Event Agenda
Click here to download the Agenda in PDF format.

One Response to Idle No More for the Love of Mother Earth Rally

  1. Richard Lucier-larson February 10, 2013 at 10:06 pm #

    Tansi All:
    Good luck at Prince George, at the Victoria Idle No More and copper cutting today in Victoria, , we even had a Rev from the Anglican Church speak, his word were a repeat of speeches form the first nations and environmental activists.
    WE had a good turnout with about 500 first Nations in Button Blankets colorful robes and shawls , I made me into be drab grey pigeon among Birds of Paradise.
    Lots of Metis, I ran out of about 25 cards i took with me, lots of sashes , two Metis flags.
    Attendees, I would say 1500 to 2000,
    Please take photos or Vids, I get a look of positive feed-back on the photos and vids we turn out by the B C M F, This website gets a lot attention and is liked by both Metis and First Nations.
    One other item that came up in conversations was do we appose Enbridge and Kinder -Morgan, when we answer yes, we are always rewarded with a smile, that is my cue to hand out a business card, always I have been thanked.
    Another observation , it’s always nice to recognize Cree or Crench, that developed into at least 3 conversations today, Even Tansi Keya and the answer Keyamaga is fine, it breaks the ice..
    Richard Lucier-larson

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