MNBC Legal Threat

MNBC Threats of Legal Action against BC Métis Federation

On Wednesday, February 13th the BC Métis Federation sent a letter to the Métis public about serious questions related the Joanne Dumont, who is the also wife of current Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) President Bruce Dumont. BC Métis Federation was surprised to learn that Joanne was approved for tuition and book support of $5,200.00 last November 2012 according to MNBC’s documentation.

Late Friday, February 15th, 2013 MNBC released a public statement under the title “Keith Henry Puts Himself and His Board at Legal Risk for Breaching an Individual’s Right to Protection of Privacy.” MNBC once again makes public statements and appears to be threatening legal action against BC Métis Federation and myself as President. Despite the public rhetoric I can confirm that MNBC has not contacted me in any manner requesting any action. Furthermore any such request will be ignored as the privacy legislation quoted by MNBC is specific to an individual’s personal information such as health care number, social insurance number, birth certification, etc. The documentation provided by BC Métis Federation regarding Joanne Dumont did not have any personal information of any sort and therefore the suggestion and threats by MNBC is unfounded.

The BC Métis Federation did not compromise any private information from MNBC. The documentation was sent by fax from an anonymous source to the BC Métis Federation and therefore this continues to showcase how unsecure anyone`s private information is within MNBC. In fact Joanne should file a complaint to the MNBC Privacy Officer about the manner in which MNBC systems can even allow for such information to get out of their offices as clearly there appears to be many ways secure client information can be obtained and shared. The question is how many other MNBC clients have personal information has been shared?

The fact is this latest MNBC action once again showcases the incompetence of this dysfunctional organization. The response is only because this situation involves the MNBC President and his wife and in fact proves that Joanne did get MNBC funding and the real question is why? Is she Métis and how did she qualify for $5200.00 in financial support while so many others have been turned away? The MNBC press release is to divert your attention from the real questions and there is no doubt the level of public interests and accountability outweigh the political corruption of MNBC President Bruce Dumont and his wife Joanne given their roles within MNBC.

I can assure the Métis public that the BC Métis Federation board met Friday evening and we are unanimous in our stand to demand that the Métis public has a right to know about this latest MNBC scandal. The Federal Government, through the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Honourable Diane Finley should immediately enforce an independent investigation considering the importance of the public interests in this matter.
Ironically BC Métis Federation has defined our concerns over the past years about 6 issues; one was the use by MNBC of legal counsel to sue Métis people. MNBC once again showcased on Friday by their response that this will be the MNBC tactic when hard questions or asked regardless of the situation. Instead of admitting about the situation, President Dumont is unable to show leadership in the interest of the community. The MNBC response appears to claim MNBC will again use government funding to take further legal action as a diversion and to distort the truth. This all the while MNBC cannot pay their bills and debt grows. I believe this is the least of their worries. Thank you for all of the support and comments this past weekend in response to MNBC’s latest press release. Clearly Métis people feel this is an important issue and we call of the Federal Government to address without delay. The political use of program funding is undeniable and when will this situation ever stop?

I can assure the Métis public that BC Métis Federation will not stop until this situation is fully resolved.

Thank you,
Keith Henry

Cc Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada
Alison Olney, Service Manager, BC Aboriginal Programs
Honourable James Moore, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
Minister Ida Chong, Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation
Assistant Deputy Minister Peter Cunningham, Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation

MNBC Press Release Dated February 15th, 2013
BC Métis Federation letter dated February 13th, 2013
MNBC Documents

Download this Letter in PDF format
BCMF Letter to Metis People February 13th, 2013

31 Responses to MNBC Threats of Legal Action against BC Métis Federation

  1. Daryl Piper February 18, 2013 at 7:49 am #

    Bruce Dumont is so arrogant and really does not care about the Metis people or their communities and continues to look after his own interests. Joanne Dumont is the wife of Bruce Dumont who is the President of the MNBC and this is an obvious conflict of interest.

    This is quite troubling considering we have many Metis communities that suffer from poverty and this action amounts to stealing from the poor. Joanne Dumont is a woman of means and certainly could easily afford the $5,200 cost for her education and considering she may not be Metis questions the entire process.

    Instead of doing the right thing and taking responsibility the MNBC threatens to take legal action using precious resources that should be going to the Metis people that really need assistance. This kind of corruption needs to be exposed and people need to stand up and speak out and send letters to your provincial and federal MLA’s and services Canada.

    Help the BC Metis Federation to expose corruption and demand accountability. Visit for all the details.

  2. Richard Lucier-larson February 18, 2013 at 9:13 am #

    Tansi All;

    After hearing of this latest insult to the Métis People of B C it is apparent that most of the leadership of the mnbc was perhaps not raised right as children.

    So now what we are stuck with is a sense of false entitlement

    Almost as soon as your child begins to talk, you’ll start to hear him ask for things. In fact, when an infant cries, he’s asking for food or to be made more comfortable.
    By the time he reaches the age of four or five, his constant refrain becomes: “Can I have this, Mom? Can I have that?” and “I want it now” attitude may follow you every time you go to the store. Parents want to give to their kids,

    Unfortunately, if you give in to every little want your child expresses, you are really feeding and nurturing a sense of false entitlement, which I believe can lead to problems later on.

    This can lead to Nation giving much more than their so called leaders need and sometimes, more than their Nation can really afford.

    The attitude of a person with a false sense of entitlement is,

    “I am, therefore give to me.”

    Richard Lucier-larson

    • Donna Polgar February 24, 2013 at 9:09 am #

      Tansi Richard,

      You hit the nail right on the head. Your analogy between a child and MNBC is perfect. I don’t think parents realize the severe damage caused by giving in to every child’s want and whim. MNBC is certainly behaving like an entitled child. Where are the parents?? Government should be able to step in and correct their child’s behaviour. But sadly not all parents are good parents, especially, in this case. Hopefully, guideance through others will prevail.

      Best regards,


  3. Earl Belcourt February 18, 2013 at 10:04 am #

    What bothers me the most is that we all have known Dumont for what he is since Red River West. None of us were to get payment for anything we did at RRW. It was all volunteer and yet Dumont was given a small salary that no one knew about. His back door deals were beginning. He didn’t deserve it then, he doesn’t deserve it now.
    Yet the NDP are still holding back on the Metis Act of BC that MP John Horgan and a couple of Metis started because the MNBC is not interested. Who on the hell are we going to vote for?? I am going to ask the LIberal Party to help us pass the Metis Act without the MNBC and see who will do what. I suggest that the NDP do the “Right” thing before some one else does.!!!

  4. s.daniels February 18, 2013 at 10:17 am #

    SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS ……….. When again MNBC dose not want the Metis of BC to know what happens behind CLOSED DOORS. So they find fault with Mr. Henry, who is trying to keep the Metis Citizens informed with what is happening with their funding dollars. Its so easy to sue when money is not coming out of your own pocket.MNBC has always been proud of their students that have succeeded in a course funded by them, and they would post a photo and a short bio about that student. To date I have not seen a photo of Mrs. Dumont and bio of her accomplishments from the course funded.

  5. Marg Metis February 18, 2013 at 11:27 am #

    Unfortunately this seems to be the status quo of Metis organizations across canada, is the use of the legal system every time something is questioned or challenged. This is why we need change. MNBC when do you not get this is public funds? The agreements signed are legally bound agreements with a Metis person to receive this funding, if she is not Metis then your organization has a major problems with how it delegates funding.

    To relatives, to politically gain support from strategic partners, this is a sign of a organization gone awry. Why are the conservatives or liberals turning a blind eye to this, while the boast a accountability act? Because they are dealing with their own corruption and don’t want to rock the boat of an aboriginal group that would be quick to cry foul.

    No wonder Idle no more has sky rocketed the masses are getting informed.

  6. Earlene February 18, 2013 at 12:09 pm #

    I have observed for some time now to the Metis Nation BC exclaim on many occasions that they are a third order of government, a government that exercises its sovereignty role with a Senate, represents all the Metis people blah, blah, blah… it is easy to cite these terminologies but yet harder to put it into practice by evidence of this threatening non-legal letter.

    Quote: “In the Aboriginal context specifically, sovereignty is a concept that is “founded on an ideology of indigenous nationalism and a rejection of the models of government rooted in European cultural values” ~ Paper on First Nations Self Government University of Sask.

    Self-government refers to the ability of a group or people to govern over internal matters without intervention or conditions imposed by others, having that said, running to courts outside of our own system and using them as threats against our own people is the furthest you can ever get to any sovereign self government idealism’s.

    There is many things wrong with this picture than just simply usage of public funds for political, or privileged purpose.

  7. ken February 18, 2013 at 1:43 pm #

    I did see this letter posted on the MNBC website earlier with your picture posted Keith, was a bit of a shocker. They don’t seem to have any place to voice your opinion on this latest attack besides a bunch of us showing up at the regional session on vancouver island on the 23rd of February. This is the first session ever advertised for us to finally attend and voice our opinion as to how ludicrous it is to keep threatening to sue our Nation, every time the BCMF uncovers the corruption within.

    I urge everyone to show up at this regional session, to give their two bits. This is nothing more than posturing, I seen nothing ‘illegal’ that BCMF did to bring this to our attention as it is ‘public’ funds, besides perhaps their own internal issue with leaking of documents.

  8. Tim St. Denis February 18, 2013 at 3:07 pm #

    Surely that’s not the same Bruce Dumont who physically assaulted his opponent in the 2008 election? Is that the same Bruce Dumont who used MNBC funding to buy brochures in that same election and then had three Directors expelled for speaking out about it? Is that the same Bruce Dumont who used a recently purchased MNBC school auditorium to hold his wedding reception? That can’t be the same Bruce Dumont who shut the microphones off so questioning members could not be heard at an AGM. Is that the same person who threatened to beat up two invitees to a Community information meeting? Is that the same Bruce Dumont who used MNBC money to start lawsuits against members that spoke out against him and then dropped them because he knew he would not win? Now that same Bruce Dumont is putting his wife on the dole by having the government pay her education and sue those who exposed his scheme? Please tell me it isn’t so!

    • Earl Belcourt February 20, 2013 at 7:38 am #

      Yes Tim St.Denis that’s the same Bruce Dumont and I’m the same opponent he assaulted in the 2008 election!! Thanks for remembering!!

  9. Dean Lenglet February 18, 2013 at 4:34 pm #

    As I stated before, the crew of the SS Minnow were mensa club members compared to these twits. They are the biggest joke in the entire Metis nation and should be laughed at publicly. Simply unbelievable how such a group of incompetents could ruin a once thriving group.

  10. Keith February 18, 2013 at 4:48 pm #

    Good afternoon all,

    Thank you one and all for the comments and I encourage others to share their views.

    I will add further important piece to this latest MNBC scandal. The original letter by us had issue with two items: how can the MNBC `s wife get funding and is she even Metis?

    I have now received a call today from a very reputable genealogist who further confirms to me that they did look at the Joanne’s Metis lineage years ago. This reputable person confirmed to myself that Joanne is certainly not Metis and was unclear if there is any Aboriginal ancestry at all, expect some very loose connection allegedly to the Micmac of the far eastern Canada.

    Does Joanne have an MNBC card? How did she qualify ahead of actual Metis applicants on Vancouver Island?

    This situation continues to outrrage Metis across BC and there really needs to be a fully independent investigation with a number of quesyions asked.

    When the time comes we are preparing our case and will bring forward all documentation as required.

    MNBC President Bruce Dumont should resign immediately and come clean. The money should be returned to the Metis people of Vancouver Island for families who actually need the assistance, not a family with a six digit income who should be able to afford their own education. Bruce not only has MNBC wages, etc. but he is also on a pension, etc.

    Imagine the Premier’s husband getting funding from one of their Provincial BC jobs Plan programs or how about the Prime Minister’s wife getting funding from HRSDC. There would be a public outrage so why would anyone let this happen to our Metis Nation?

    Not acceptable or defensible.

    What do you think out there?

    • Dean Lenglet February 18, 2013 at 5:15 pm #

      I think if Bruce had any kind of moral fiber, he would resign immediately and pay back the monies given to a non-metis. We all know however, that he apparently has no scruples given his handling of Metis affairs to date. If by chance there was ever cash enough to have a criminal investigation done and forensic audit, I would dearly love to be there. This “man” has got to go. Anyone who would claim to support him and his cronies should give their collective heads a shake unless there is nothing inside already.

    • Earl Belcourt February 20, 2013 at 7:42 am #

      This sort of activity has been going on since the Jody Pierce days, I otta know I was there, when Pierce was President and when Desjarlais was President. The Boards had no balls then and they don’t have any today. Not much has changed within the MNBC / MPCBC. Only now are the Metis upset?? We were upset then and we still are unfortunately people like Dumont and his Board have no conscience. It’s all about prestege and dollars.

      • Richard Lucier-larson February 21, 2013 at 8:58 am #

        Tansi Earl:
        I will partially disagree with you.
        There is no prestige to be gained by cheating the Metis youth out of education dollars.
        It’s all about money and power.
        Some so called leaders are under the illusion that they are powerful when they can trample on the grassroots, I have news for Dumont, Some of us bite back !
        In our communities in Alberta, we have a name for the (only in it for the $$ and who you can dump on ) leadership .

        The term is ” Sooniow Apeetogusn ” ,

        For the uncrenched the translation is “Big Money Half-breeds”, this is not complimentary.

        Those who have acquired this label, are usually greeted with a turned back.

        Richard Lucier-larson

  11. Beverly February 18, 2013 at 5:18 pm #

    That is so true Tim and so help me god, the time has come, for people to realize Bruce is only looking after himself.Why are citizens still hanging on to a man who has no loyalty to our people is a mystery?

    I think the local presidents better wake up..this is not about friendships either, its their duty to inform the communities, the god honest truth,not go ahead a bash BCMF for being the messenger.We are only pointing out factual corruption.Whew!!

    Quit wasting Metis peoples funds to sue us, for asking all these transparent questions that Tim has outlined above..all proven and factual..good job Tim…

    I feel, that Joanne should prove to all Metis People, she is now Metis, and where,is your MNBC card. I thought I read that somewhere, awhile ago did MNBC sent a letter to government, they will not recognized anyone for training unless,they have their cards? I am assuming,because I am no lawyer, but If she cannot provide documents, isn’t that, enough evidence of illegal activity, fraud,and probably other charges too?

    Then Bruce and her should be removed from MNBC….I wonder what action their own board will demand. Think they will stand up to Bruce like Rene,Rose and Gerry did……they are real leaders.
    So if you want to defend yourself where is the proof.

    Joanne-as a metis person, I have the right to ask, that’s my constitutional right. Do not threaten to sue anyone, that’s enough of wasting Metis peoples money. Shame on you.

  12. riverman February 18, 2013 at 6:25 pm #

    MNBC is casting stones at the BCMF,s President Keith Henry as they have done in the past.What Keith is doing for the BCMF,s members is planting young trees throughout the many regions of B.C. so that the future generations of the Metis people one day will be able to enjoy the shade.Thankyou Keith for all the time that you are devoting towards this great nation.Bless you……………..

  13. riverman February 18, 2013 at 6:44 pm #

    Keith,If there is anything that I could be doing for you in the Fort St. John area please just let me know.I would feel proud to help you in any way.Take care friend……………………

  14. Richard Lucier-larson February 18, 2013 at 7:26 pm #

    Tansi All;

    As I was one of the founding directors of Red River West Metis Cultural Assoc, which originated the ” Red River West Rendezvous” I quote Earl Belcourt;

    “What bothers me the most is that we all have known Dumont for what he is since Red River West. None of us were to get payment for anything we did at RRW. It was all volunteer and yet Dumont was given a small salary that no one knew about. His back door deals were beginning. He didn’t deserve it then, he doesn’t deserve it now.”

    Background: the idea was discussed about a Metis Festival at a campfire in about 1994 at a Cowichan tribes festival called “Gathering in the Valley’ this two or three day event had a campground and on one morning Earl Belcourt, Bruce Dumont, Al Larson (My Bro) and myself cooked a breakfast around a campfire and from the discussion the concept and even the name of the event materialized ,we named it “Red River West Metis Rendezvous”

    All of us were involved of several years in that event, of the four of us present , all served as directors and executive for the Red River West Cultural assn, although we had agreed at that campfire that we or any other directors would never be paid for our services, only Earl Belcourt, Al Larson and myself never received a cent , Bruce on the other hand did receive considerable amounts and Joanne also was paid , both were paid for duties that other people had done for no pay.

    We even were enticed into a three way buy into a stuffed buffalo head nic-named ” Old Gabe” that now hangs on the wall of Bruce’s offices as his own, ( or so he claims)
    Red River West Metis cultural Assn , and I think the Metis Nation of North Island and Bruce Dumont all paid a third each, by some twist of hand it all belonged to Bruce.
    Since then I have never trusted Bruce Dumont, and interactions with him soured most of my family from ever considering being identified as Metis,

    For those who with to play the “are you a real Metis Card”, My genealogy is on file at the B C Metis Federation office and can be accessed by receiving permission from me, or I will bring my genealogy to the Prince George forum on Metis ID in April or May.

    I might add I applied for and received a Updated new Metis Nation of Alberta Card in about 2007.

    Richard Lucier-larson

  15. Marg Metis February 18, 2013 at 10:30 pm #

    If a person is Metis then they are entitled to funding, the program was initially set up for Metis people that is why the statutory declaration was required to be signed. Question is how many other people are signing that statutory declaration claiming they are Metis when they really are not. You don’t need a MNBC card currently to receive AHDRA benefits do you?

    Maybe she does have a card Keith I am hearing from internal sources that cards are being handed out without proper research as registry staff are not qualified enough to do proper genealogy, plus a few that were given as political favors. No names mentioned.

    Maybe she’s adopted? I hear at the last AGM a resolution passed, you really don’t have to have any Metis genealogy you simply have to be adopted to receive your card. Correct me if I am wrong.

    • Donna Polgar February 24, 2013 at 9:32 am #

      I don’t know if you remember what happened in Manitoba when cards were handed out to every Tom, Dick and Harry, but eventually everyone’s cards were cancelled and you had to reapply with your Metis lineage in tow. I wonder if something like this could happen in BC?

  16. Richard Lucier-larson February 18, 2013 at 11:12 pm #

    To Marg Metis:
    If in the Metis Nation of Alberta, you apply for a Metis Card, it will not be given if you are not proven by a genealogist to be a Metis as identified under the Metis National Council’s criteria of who a Metis Is.
    Yes I am aware that that is a somewhat restricted definition and that the Powley’s would not get M.N.A. card.
    If you look at the MNBC’s own website they claim to be part on the Metis National Council of Canada and use the M N C set of rules, in practice , they have there own changing bylaws.
    and Rule ( yes I am using the right word) from the top down.

    So any reference to being adopted is somewhat flawed.

    M N C identification of Metis is;
    ““Métis” means a person who self-identifies as Métis, is distinct from other Aboriginal peoples, is of historic Métis Nation Ancestry and who is accepted by the Métis Nation.”

    Used in Alberta:

    “Registry and Membership with the Metis Nation of Alberta is based upon a definition of Metis, which was passed at the Annual General Assembly held in Edmonton in August 2003.

    “Métis means a person who self-identifies as a Métis, is distinct from other aboriginal peoples, is of historic Métis Nation ancestry, and is accepted by the Métis Nation.”

    Historical Proof: refers to evidence of an ancestor who received a land grant or a scrip grant under the Manitoba Act or the Dominion Lands Act, or who was recognized as a Métis in other government, church or community records.

    Historic Métis Nation: refers to the Aboriginal people then known as Métis or Half-breeds who resided in the Historic Métis Nation Homeland.

    Historic Métis Nation Homeland: is the area of land in west central North America used and occupied as the traditional territory of the Métis.

    Métis Nation: means the Aboriginal people descended from the Historic Métis Nation, which now comprised of all Métis Nation peoples and is one of the “aboriginal peoples of Canada” as defined in s.35 of the Constitution Act 1982. ”

    The MNBC:
    “Métis” means a person who self-identifies as Métis, is distinct from other Aboriginal peoples, is of Historic Métis Nation ancestry, and is accepted by the Métis Nation.
    “Historic Métis Nation” means the Aboriginal people then known as Métis or Half-breeds who resided in the Historic Métis Nation Homeland
    “Historic Métis Nation Homeland” means the area of land in west central North America used and occupied as the traditional territory of the Métis or Half-breeds as they were then known.
    “Métis Nation” means the Aboriginal people descended from the Historic Métis Nation which is now comprised of all Métis Nation citizens and is one of the “aboriginal peoples of Canada” within the meaning of s.35 of the Constitution Act 1982.
    “Distinct from other Aboriginal peoples” means distinct for cultural and nationhood purposes.”
    So no where is the adopted bit listed.
    Perhaps it is used only in select cases as ????

    May I suggest attending the meeting/conference on Metis Identity in Prince George planned for either mid April or mid May.

    Richard Lucier-larson

  17. Cindy Loo February 18, 2013 at 11:20 pm #

    Thank you to the employee who forwarded this to the maintain accountability. Saddened by this whole event. There are a lot of Metis out there that could use this funding. Seems like to recieve funding your in the “IN” or “OUT” group. How much did the Hodgson group recieve over the years’ he was there during the Harley fisco, you cant tell me he didnt profit handsomely.

  18. Paulette Flamond February 19, 2013 at 9:06 am #

    This is so sad…….when will he start being honest and be a servant leader. I have no faith in MNBC and I can only encourage BCMF to keep up the good work. I thank you for your leadership and I remain a supporter. This is now a legal issue and the governments who are wasting taxpayers monies must stand up and do the “right thing” and stop funding these disgraceful people who claim to have the support of Metis in BC. NOT!!!!!!!!

  19. s.daniels February 19, 2013 at 10:18 am #

    WHAT A FIASCO …… It seem anyone can throw on a piece of hide with a few beads and call themselves Metis, it just makes me so upset when we have so many REAL Metis students working two and three jobs to put themselves through school and support themselves, with no help from any government agency. I know for fact that the students I`ve spoken to, were turned down for funding, stating the funds are no longer available, so it gulls me to no end that a person pretending to be Metis with all the costume and jigging can use funds intended for students in desperate need of funding. This is just the tip of the iceberg, what else are these people hiding from the Nation, that we don`t know about? So has a Metis Citizen I`M asking all Metis People to stand up for our Future which lies in our children, don`t let these thieves take anymore from us. And they have the nerve to sue, what a CROCK

  20. Garry Martin,Dit Barnabe February 19, 2013 at 5:06 pm #

    Hello BCMetis People

    Wow Keep going clean Up OUT M.N.B.C. put President and wife in Garbage can, my family no house,no job,no money,no food for my five childrens,my wife too, l am BCMetis Veterans in Hudson Hope,B.C. and This M.N.B.C. no one help My family,l am Garry Martin BCMetis Veterans my family, l am New ROYAL WINNIPEG RIFLE member now from Father war 11 royal winnipeg grandfather War 11,my uncle war 11,my aunt war 11,my great uncle Louis Riel,my great-great-grand-father Chief SIX TOES native,my great-great-grand-father Chief SITTING BULL native,my cousin HARRY W DANIELS, now no house,no job,no money,no food l am Hurts all my family,Best way is good BCMetis President good job KEITH,. Clean up Garbage to M.N.B.C. put in Garbage can now. thank you Metis people
    Garry Six Toes Martin
    BCMetis Veterans
    Royal Winnipeg Rifle
    Canadian Aboriginal veterans
    canadian Peacekeeping Veterans

  21. Keith February 19, 2013 at 5:27 pm #

    Thank you all for the great support and very kind words about the BC Metis Federation,

    I wanted to quickly answer a question from “riverman.” We will call on your assistance in a few key ways for now:
    1. Spread the word to all Metis you know about what is going on
    2. Have people read the information on our website
    3. Have people like our BC Metis Federation facebook page
    4. Become a BC Metis Federation member
    5. Consider terminating MNBC card if they have.

    Also we appreciate any donations and you can make at any Scotia Bank or mail a cheque to our office. Donation details are located in the “About” tab of the website. Every little bit assists.

    We need to get people active and supportive. This must end and you all taking part and spreading the word is paramount to eventually resolving the situation.

    In terms of comments about Joanne being Metis I am just not sure if she is but this must be questioned. Regardless MNBC has played on words and under the ASETS agreement MNBC is to provide access to all 60,000 Metis people in BC facing employment barriers. However if you look at what MNBC has put out in terms of their own applications processes, clearly you have to be a MNBC card member or from one of the “Chartered Communities.”

    MNBC is limiting access in my opinion and clearly politically using this program to hold on the the structure. That is NOT what these programs are for. Read the MNBC literature and articles that say Know the Facts, Don’t Be fooled. You can see MNBC is clear on who can access funding. Read the Spring and Fall 2012 articles.

    Take care and thanks all for the comments.

  22. Kim Kondra February 20, 2013 at 11:08 am #

    There are already so many hurdles to jump when a person is trying to improve the quality of their life, for themselves, and their families. Least is not the financial strain of educational costs. As a single parent, I know how challenging it can be to get the support or funding for programmes. It is so discouraging to be reminded of how this funding gets channeled to those who need it the least. I have seen it time and again, having worked for organizations such as MNBC, but not MNBC. It is just another example of pigs at the trough.

  23. Sheryl Ann Metisangel February 20, 2013 at 12:12 pm #

    Keith Henry, you have the Creator of the Universe and Angels along with you for this cleanup has needed to happen for a very long time; I can totally relate to the commentary about “Jody Pierces time” because that was my time as leader in Penticton and I was not raised Metis, I only know some of the culture that I’ve learned over last 12 years and I cherish my heritage.
    I’ve been attending my local idle no more podcast available for each meeting – Last night we were dicussing all of the different Governmental Bills and the sneekieness etc. of that reminds me of what’s going on with MNBC.
    I keep Keith and his team in prayer every single day.
    We all dream of the day that this is cleaned up and things can be ran in an open and proper way so that all of us can be like one big family with trust and happiness and enjoying our culture and being an example to the rest of Aboriginal Canada and the world as to how it can be.

  24. AMD August 15, 2014 at 11:46 pm #

    To anyone reading this I’d like you to know I did not receive any funding through MNBC and it really hurts to know this story. I’m a single mom with no income and little supports, I get A&B grades, I volunteer a lot and I’m a high achiever. But I was turned down for funding for the last years of my nursing degree because MNBC is broken and now I know why. Sad sad sad. Now I’m faced with huge debts and little pride in my people. This is a real problem affecting real students and children.

    • Keith Henry August 16, 2014 at 9:22 am #

      Thank you for your note.

      We are addressing this with the Government of Canada and if you want BC Metis Federation to bring forward please send an email and contract information to President Keith Henry. His email is

      This is a very important issue to address and we must bring this to the attention of the government.

      This is up to you of course.

      We are sorry for your situation

      President Keith Henry

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