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BC Metis Federation Metis Summit is to address Metis definition on April 13th 2013 in Prince George BC. The BC Mètis Federation is planning to host an upcoming Mètis Summit to further address one of the most important issues facing Mètis people in British Columbia. There continues to be significant debate and confusion about who is Mètis in British Columbia. Various political and service delivery organizations have attempted to define Mètis people in British Columbia but many individuals are unclear, confused and uncertain about who is or is not Mètis in British Columbia.

We have created a preliminary poll for your participation.

Poll will close: Thursday February 14th 2013 and the results will be announced on Coffeetalk at 7:30 pm PST

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3 Responses to Participate in the Metis Identity Poll on Metis Identity

  1. Richard Lucier-larson February 9, 2013 at 11:00 am #

    Tansi Keyawow Apeetogusanak:

    It is nice to see the fast participation in this poll

    This in my opinion indicates the reawakening of the Métis Nation.

    This is a reflection of what I see happening in the real world.

    Some as modest actions, as wearing a sash or packing a flag in the Idle No More Events.
    Now a full fledged Métis Nationalistic movement.
    We have seen the Métis participation to be nationwide, most news videos show at least one or two Infinity flags, in the marches and round dances.

    In any greater Victoria events, one year ago I was the only visible Métis with a flag, at the last” Idle No More” event there was at least 5 and about 15 easily identified Métis Sashes

    I might add for each visible Métis person there is at least 3 just trying out to see how they will be accepted.
    As a observation, all Métis Participating in the Idle No More or other Natives events, you will be made welcome by those Métis and First Nations there, this is a time for native unity.

    Many of us who have been around Métis Politics were expecting this to happen, I am delighted that I have lived long enough to see this happen.

    Now come the hard part, more dedicated younger Métis to get involved, help establish the groundwork we will need to move ahead, the B C Métis Federation has opened the door a small bit, now we need a lot of work to kick it wide open.
    The pathfinders as the late Jim Sinclair, Harry Daniels have shown the path, it’s now time to start moving ahead.
    Yes there will be those that say it won’t happen and others, who will wish to assume power,
    Recognize them for what they are and don’t bother fighting them, they have their path, what ever that is, but the real Métis should focus on moving ahead.

    Surtout Liberté

    Richard Lucier-larson

  2. Robin BCMF Member February 9, 2013 at 2:39 pm #

    Idle no more is a Canadian Movement led by the first Canadains, I am proud to be a grassroots metis, and a BCMF member.

    BCMF has filed action and called us all to action to spear head a Reckoning if we have no rights why then did the feds try and buy our rights with Scrip, now they want to push us back once again. I have scrip from my great grandmother, her dad and his dad before him. What we need to do is see the value of this paper promise and make them come to the table. Together we do make a difference. We are not a beaten people we are surviors.


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