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Michif Language Project

The Michif Language Early Childhood Learning Project 2013

An educational concept which began in the fall of 2012 has now turned into reality and with its launch an imaginative learning tool for young Michif learners. The Michif Language Learning Project began with the concept that the younger you are the easier it is to learn language. Repetition is required and access to Michif […]

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TV Debate

BC Provincial Government Leadership Debate – NDP Continues Strong Showing

(Vancouver, BC) The Province is British Columbia prepares for the 40th General Election on May 14th, 2013 and last night was the one and only television leadership debates in this campaign. The stakes were high as the NDP party continues to hold a strong lead in current opinion polling. The four main party leaders were […]

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CTV debate

Leadership Debate Monday 6:30 PM- 8:00 PM

BC Metis Federation reminds Metis members and our friends that the one and only television provincial election leadership debate will air tonight from 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM PST on global BC stations as well as CTV BC stations. The 40th Provincial General Election will be held May 14th and this is your chance to […]

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BC Metis Federation Prepares to Showcase Metis Culture in Cloverdale May 17th – 20th

BC Metis Federation is sharing a poster in light of the upcoming Cloverdale Rodeo and County Fair. BC Metis Federation has partnered with the Michif Historical and Preservation Society to ensure a authentic cultural display and information will be present during the event. The Cloverdale event is the second largest rodeo event in British Columbia […]

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BC Recruitment Fair

BC Career, Education and Recruitment Fair ~ Aboriginal Human Resource Council

From May 14th to 15th, 2013 the 2G Group in partnership with the Pacific News Group (publishers of the Vancouver Sun and Province) and the Aboriginal Human Resource Council will host western Canada’s biggest Career/Education & Recruitment Fair at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Anticipated over 8,000 career seekers (of which about 2,000 will be Aboriginal) […]

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BC Metis Federation Provincial Election Guide

BC Metis Federation has prepared a guide for Metis people to use in preparation for the upcoming May 14th Provincial General Election. It is important to vote and participate in the 40th provincial general election. Vote May 2013 40th Provincial General Election British Columbia Advance Voting May 8th – 11th General Voting May 14th Your […]

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Oil Sands Development

Economic Presentation on Pipeline Expansion

Economist Robyn Allan shared her presentation regarding the economics of the proposed pipelines being considered through BC. Her presentation focuses on the economics and the tough questions we face when considering the various projects being put before Metis people and all British Columbians. BC Metis Federation reviewed her presentation last night on Metis Coffee Talk […]

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Metis Earth

A Cultural Shift in Métis Economic Development – Joe Desjarlais

There are big changes taking place in Aboriginal economic development and the ideas that undergird these activities. In Métis circles, history is being made as Metis people and communities assume more of a central role in shaping future economic development in BC and nationally. The old neo-classic ideology that casts Metis people as marginal to […]

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Metis Coffee Talk Live

Watch the Metis Coffee Talk Show Tonight @ 7:30 PM

BC Metis Federation President Keith Henry will host tonight’s only Metis online talk show in Canada; Metis Coffee Talk. There are a number of current issues and the news and stories will focus on the current Provincial election and a special feature and presentation of the economics of pipeline development for Canada from economist and […]

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Kinder Morgan Canada Trans Mountain Project Update

BC Metis Federation is sharing a project update recently released by Kinder Morgan Canada regarding the proposed Trans Mountain Expansion Project. There is a lot of interest and concerns related to this proposed project and BC Metis Federation continues to ensure information is reviewed and shared to ensure grass roots Metis communities and families can […]

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