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Keeping it Riel – Aboriginal Marketplace January 2015

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry’s article about Sir John A. MacDonald is published in the 2015 winter edition of the Aboriginal Marketplace Magazine. Be sure to read the latest edition and catch up on all of the news and editorials in the magazine which is becoming one of the most significant Aboriginal publications in […]

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MFC Daniels Case Update

The Métis Federation of Canada (MFC), a national partner organization with the BC Métis Federation, has taken steps this week too finalize plans to intervene in the Daniels Case now before the Supreme Court of Canada. BC Métis Federation leadership is working with MFC on the intervention which is the most important case facing Métis rights in Canada today. […]

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New Michif Language Program

BC Métis Federation and the Nova Métis Heritage Association in Surrey are pleased to announce a new Michif Language Project starting January 31st, 2015. Nova Métis Heritage Association represents over 2000 Métis members in Surrey and the organizations have come together to provide an important Métis language program which has not been offered in the lower mainland for years.

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The Weight of History

By Joe Desjarlais In the wake of Prime Minister Macdonald’s obsession to clear the plain for settlement, the media of the day portrayed Louis Riel as a rebel, an opportunist and a murderer. Reporters for the Toronto Mail and the Victoria Daily Colonist busily wrote a new history that told people that Metis have been […]

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Michif Language Legacy Project in Williams Lake

BC Métis Federation is pleased to announce the Michif Language Legacy Project will be in Williams Lake with partner community Cariboo Chilcotin Métis Association at the end of January 2015. BC Métis Federation was approved for two language projects in December 2014 and is working to implement in Williams Lake and Surrey. BC Métis Federation […]

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Métis Cultural Event on February 1st, 2015

BC Métis Federation is pleased to announce and invite the Métis community to attend a potluck event hosted with the Eurofest Society which is located in Burnaby, BC. BC Métis Federation is arranging Métis culture and entertainment for delegates representing over 60 European countries and we invite the Métis community to join this festive event. […]

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‘Groundbreaking’ Report Reveals Canada’s Utter Failure on Indigenous Women

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights have released a report on “Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in British Columbia”. The groundbreaking report analyzes the context in which indigenous women have gone missing and been murdered over the past several years and the response to this human rights issue by the Canadian State. The report offers recommendations geared towards […]

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Métis Coffee Talk Special Guest Katie K. Macleod Bio

Métis Coffee Talk will feature another special edition with an academic presentation about Métis in Atlantic Canada. Focusing on understanding the history of Métis in Eastern Canada. Our feature interview is with Katie K. MacLeod who is a doctoral student in the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at Dalhousie University. Katie’s research interests lay in […]

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Métis Labour Force Report

BC Métis Federation is pleased to release the 2012 Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey about the Métis from across Canada. The Statistics Canada survey was completed in December 2014 and showcases the strong participation for Métis people from across Canada in the labour force. This report assesses Métis from throughout Canada and is not specific to any Métis organization […]

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Métis Business Directory Brochure

BC Métis Federation is pleased to release our first Métis Business Directory marketing brochure.  This marketing brochure will be used to assist these businesses at the upcoming Aboriginal Business Match as well as other proponent opportunities.  BC Métis Federation representatives will meet with a number of potential business partners to share the various business enterprises and try to […]

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