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Louis Riel Day Celebrations November 14th and 15th

BC Métis Federation is pleased to post 2 important events to recognize Louis Riel Day November 16th. This is an important date for Metis people in history and the events are bring hosted on the weekend prior to November 16th. BC Métis Federation strongly encourages people to attend both events.           […]

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Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau

Honourable Justin Trudeau Prime Minister Designate Government of Canada   Re: Introduction and Meeting Request Dear Mr. Trudeau, On behalf of the BC Métis Federation, I would like to take the occasion to congratulate you and the Liberal party on your historic election win. Canadians clearly wanted change and the election results speak to how […]

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Congratulations to Skeena River for Successful AGM in Terrace

Terrace, BC – BC Métis Federation leadership congratulates the Skeena River Métis Community Association for the success of their Annual General Meeting (AGM) held October 24th in Terrace. Skeena River has been a partner with the BC Métis Federation for years and together the organizations have completed a number of steps including industry consultation and […]

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Liberal Majority – Congratulations to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Vancouver, BC – BC Métis Federation leadership congratulates Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada for the historic victory in the 42nd Federal Election. The Liberal Party of Canada has won a decisive majority after 10 years of leadership by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party. There are now […]

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MEDC and ATCO Structures and Logistics Partnership

(Vancouver, BC) The Métis Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) and ATCO Structures and Logistics have been working on a Letter of Intent over the previous month. This last week they have come together and signed this commitment to work together on current and upcoming projects. With this partnership, ATCO Structures has access to qualified Aboriginal businesses […]

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Métis Coffee Talk Off Air for Two Weeks

A reminder that Métis Coffee Talk will not be on the air for the next 2 weeks as host BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry is away in Japan and China promoting Aboriginal tourism. Remember to watch the previous shows to ensure you are on top of the latest news and stories. Click here to watch previous […]

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New Economic Development Partnership Formed with Site

(Vancouver, BC) The Métis Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) and Site Energy Services Inc. (Site) have joined together in partnership to work on obtaining bigger projects which are happening throughout the province of British Columbia. This will allow MEDC to work with Métis businesses who are in the clearing, hauling and trucking industry, as well as […]

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Federal Election and Métis Issues

Métis Communities BC Métis Federation Members   Re: Federal Election and Métis Issues Members and Partners, The Federal Election is set for October 19th which is only 10 days from today and this election remains close in terms of which of the major three Federal parties will form the next Federal Government; that being the […]

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BC Métis Federation AGM Budget Performance

(Vancouver, BC) – BC Métis Federation continues to demonstrate transparency for members and partner communities. Today BC Métis Federation is releasing the reconciled budget for the Industry Forum and Annual General Meeting in Kamloops September 25th and 26th. BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry stated; “I am pleased to report that BC Métis Federation achieved […]

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Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) Financial Statements – The Numbers within the Numbers

In 2011 a number of Métis people decided to move forward and develop an alternative provincial Métis representative organization from the MNBC and so began the BC Métis Federation. This situation was defined by six (6) specific reasons. One of these reasons and concerns at that time was the financial mismanagement of the MNBC. This was created […]

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