Métis Foster Child SS

A decision is expected to be made by the courts this week regarding the foster child SS. A speech from President Henry from the recent Métis cultural event further clarifies the position of the BC Métis Federation on the issue.

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  1. Jeanie Cardinal February 29, 2016 at 4:08 pm #

    To the Little Child We Hold

    To this little Metis child we hold.
    We’ve held you more precious than gold.

    We filled the seat of your heart.
    With gifts of our soul given from the start.

    We held when happy, sad, broken or whole.
    We love you with all we have within and beyond our role.

    You are more to us than a child in a system gone cold.
    You’re a Child of a Metis Nation being stole.

    Let us all remember this day upon the words of those who fight for you.
    You are so loved and cared about from within our homes and hearts, Metis true.

    We will anguish for each other, but mostly for your journey into the world out there.
    Our prayers will be our fight continued,
    until our voices change the systems teaching them to care.

    Poem by Jeanie Cardinal

    Thank You Keith for A passionate and Well said heart felt message. We need more leadership speaking from the heart like this, to the hearts of our people, for the hearts and souls of our Metis Children.

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