School District 36 Calling for Métis Resources

A call to action has been sent to assist Métis community representatives, Sharon Eyford and Anthony Krilow, members of the Aboriginal Education Council for School District 36 in Surrey, to collect a list of Métis specific resources from people in the Lower Mainland. Sharon and Anthony represent the local Métis community through Nova Métis Heritage Association. The call to action is in search of Métis people who would like to be listed as possible contacts when Métis resource presenters are needed. This is an open invitation to all and the program is funded.

If interested please provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Contact information – telephone number and email address
  • Short bio highlighting your expertise
  • Fee’s charged/rates

Please send your information ASAP to:

One Response to School District 36 Calling for Métis Resources

  1. Sharon Eyford February 23, 2016 at 12:01 am #

    Thanks BCMF for this call to action. We need more people to contact me at the email address, that are interested in coming forward to sign up in working with School District 36 Surrey in collecting songs of the Metis in order to make up CD’s for core music teachers to use in their lessons.They would like to have a variety of songs from our Aboriginal (First Nations, Metis and Inuit) that have been approved for use in our Schools and given permission to be shared, taught and sung by our students. The CD would be a part of a larger unit on Aboriginal music aimed at enhancing the integration of Aboriginal perspectives and cultures into classrooms. The School District will be paying each of the singers for their work—the details of the compensation however have yet to be worked out.
    So anyone interested—let’s hear from you asap. Respectfully Acting District Principal, Aboriginal Education Mr. Sol Lee

    Thanks also from Sharon Eyford and Anthony Krilow Nova Metis Heritage Association. We have been asked for our impute—now is the time to get together and see what we can give to our Aboriginal School District’s Students. Waiting to hear from you Metis out there.

    Would like this notice to be also distributed by the BCMetis Federation News letter.

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