BC Métis Federation Update – Métis Foster Child SS

Keith Henry 
BC Metis Federation 


Re: Update on Métis Foster Child SS 

Dear BC Métis Federation team members,

BC Métis Federation is updating our Métis community regarding the Métis foster child situation impacting some of our members.

The Métis foster family continues to advance their Court of Appeal case and the judge has reserved the decision until Friday. This is an important part of the process and BC Métis Federation continues to support the family.

BC Métis Federation is also continuing to pursue other solutions. First, we applaud statements made by the Representative for Children and Youth (RYC) office yesterday. At this time BC’s Representative Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond called for all parties to slow down the process to ensure the best planning and best interests for SS. BC Métis Federation and the Métis foster family welcome a thorough discussion to working together to ensure the best interests of SS. BC Métis Federation will be following up with the Representative office this week to review how such steps can be taken.

Second, the matter was also brought up in the BC Legislature yesterday by the NDP opposition as well.

NDP Message:

We have been following the case closely and both Carole James and I questioned the Minister of Children and Family Development today. 
Here are links to the clips from Question Period: 
DONALDSON: https://youtu.be/GNFsshU47K0 
JAMES: https://youtu.be/1kVm3IVw5ho 
Once again, thank you for your correspondence and we will continue to ask questions about this situation to the Minister and this government. 
Yours truly, 
Doug Donaldson 
Official Opposition Spokesperson for Children and Family Development 


BC Métis Federation thanks all for their efforts to do what is best for Métis foster child SS and the Métis foster family. Last night, SS was back with the Métis foster family. BC Métis Federation continues to consider how the best interests of SS are paramount to the future.

This story reached significant media outlets yesterday including CTV National and all major media networks in BC.

In closing, the BC Métis Federation continues to assert that any Métis child in BC must meet our Constitutional asserted jurisdictional requirements which includes well defined Métis cultural planning. We do not believe this has been properly completed and ensuring Métis culture is protected and Métis children remain in the care of our community is not an option, it is our law.

Thank you,

Keith Henry 
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2 Responses to BC Métis Federation Update – Métis Foster Child SS

  1. Sharon Eyford March 1, 2016 at 1:02 pm #

    I saw the story on the News last night, it was very hard to watch. Such a disgusting way to treat a family and keep this on going furor that may lead to future damage to this family.

    Where is the common sense in all of these goings on????

  2. Sara March 2, 2016 at 7:19 am #

    The ministry stating (in court) that these folks are not parents, but are only “paid caregivers” shows me how little the Ministry actually considers the best interest of not only this toddler, but all foster children. They are clearly taking the position that children and foster parents should not bond in a way that parents and biological children do. In fact it implies that a foster parent should avoid any meaningful relationship with a foster child, as this relationship it will be completely disregarded when the “best interest” test is considered. A child’s bond and mental health should be paramount in the “best interest” test, regardless of the fact that the Ministry thinks that all foster parents are only contracted to be “paid caregivers.” The Ministry is pursuing a dangerous precedent by encouraging people to consider foster children as a job and payday as opposed to building lasting and healthy relationships. Stating this “contracted paid caregiver” in open court, in front of a judge is proof of how little the best interests of the children are considered.

    This goes beyond a Metis child being allowed to stay with a Metis family. We are talking about relationships that form between children and their caregivers, and to me that is more important than anything. It seems to me that the Ministry needs to revaluate how they approach foster families in conjunction with the best interest of the child test. I hope this brings about change in the Ministry itself.

    I agree with the foster parents in this situation. The Ministry and BC government has failed to meet the best interests of this child. Take this fight to the Supreme Court of Canada if need be, because her constitutional rights have been violated. No government should be allowed to make this type of decision alone, and against the wishes of the parents and children who have formed relationships, without having an avenue to appeal the decision outside of the body making the decision.

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