Métis in Manitoba Concerned About MMF and Government of Canada Agreement

A number of Métis from Dauphin Manitoba, led by William Guiboche, have created a new online petition regarding their concerns with the recent announcement by the Government of Canada and MMF.

An online petition has been created within Manitoba to intervene in the agreement. The concern is about the land as Louis Riel negotiated it in 1870 and this effort aims to make it front and centre in a settlement. That settlement involves all of the Métis diaspora, which it appears all Métis in Manitoba are greatly concerned about.

Consider your concerns and click here to sign the petition if you agree.

2 Responses to Métis in Manitoba Concerned About MMF and Government of Canada Agreement

  1. Jim Stritzel June 11, 2016 at 6:54 am #

    I’ve signed the petition.

    In the late 1890’s my Grandmother Eunice was sent from Manitoba to Massachusetts to live with distant relatives as part of the Metis Diaspora due to harsh conditions for Manitoba Metis created by government policy.

    What better way to try and brake a people such as the Metis than make life so hard that families are broken up and dispersed to remote places.

    Jim and Family


  2. Robin Stevens June 11, 2016 at 8:33 pm #

    I have signed the petition as well, our great grandparents were forced into Rooster Town as squatters, given script that was not worth the paper it was printed on and eventually scattered to the four winds, alcoholism, substances abuse, residential schools all played a role in thinning us out. Now Chartrand wants to negotiate their suffering away with out so much as a consultation with all the surviving metis!!!

    He is looking for a fight I can tell you that

    Robin Stevens and Noreen Stevens

    Proud Red River Metis

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