Nova Takes Action re Métis Nation BC

Nova Métis Heritage Association (Nova), the local Métis community representing over 2000 Métis members in Surrey and area, continues to face unethical actions by Métis Nation BC.

Nova has chosen to work with both Métis provincial representative organizations; the Métis Nation BC and the BC Métis Federation. Based on recent actions from Métis Nation BC this seems to be at the heart of this issue.

In January Métis Nation BC made allegations with unfounded information in a letter threatening to remove Nova from their governance processes. Since this time Nova responded to the 4 areas of allegations identified by Métis Nation BC. Furthermore Nova continues to review misinformation being sent by Métis Nation BC representatives directly to Nova members to undermine the legitimacy of this community organization. These actions are directly contrary to the existing agreement between Métis Nation BC and Nova signed and in place since 2005. This is a sad testament to the lengths Métis Nation BC is going to remove Nova simply for differences of political views.

Nova responded a few weeks ago but to date Métis Nation BC has not provided any response. The Nova board met this past weekend to further discuss their serious concerns in light of the upcoming provincial governance meeting being held by the Métis Nation BC.

The Nova board is strongly unified to address the unethical and uninformed actions of Métis Nation BC. This is not good governance by Métis Nation BC and is just the latest example of the actions of a dictatorship this organization has become over the years.

Review the Nova website to keep up to date on this situation and review the response sent a few weeks ago:

Click here to read the latest letter from Nova sent this week.

2 Responses to Nova Takes Action re Métis Nation BC

  1. Metis March 15, 2017 at 10:38 am #

    What else is new in regards to MNBC games with the communities. They just start another society in the same area with a MNBC supporter, that is a tactic they have used since the formation of the Metis Nation BC.

    I am in awe the Federal government continues to support this type of action against societies in good standing.


  2. Dean Lenglet March 16, 2017 at 6:29 am #

    I guess Mr. Dumont is either still controlling the MNBC puppets from an untouchable distance now or, these so called representatives have been so totally brainwashed by him that they can”t see how divisive they’re being. Perhaps they have some personal vendetta against the likes of Ken or Keith. Either way, they appear to be just as much a waste of time as the last group of incompetants. They really need to wake up and remove their heads from their collective alimentary canals. How about doing something progressive like working together to support our Metis communities instead of their “friends”.

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