MYTUL Final Report

The BC Métis Federation is pleased to release the final progress and financial reporting for the Indigenous and Northern Affairs project entitled “MYTUL” which stands for Métis Youth in Transition to Urban Life.

The BC Métis Federation is proud to complete this project on time, and budget, and is seeking new ways to implement an continue building this project.

Thank-you to the Government of Canada and the department of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.

Click here to read the full progress report, as a downloadable PDF Click here to read the financial report, as a downloadable PDF

One Response to MYTUL Final Report

  1. Sharon Eyford May 15, 2017 at 5:00 pm #

    This is a well thought out process, clear ideals and clear ways to complete this rational. I don’t

    know if this subject came up in all your discussions but one recommendations I think should

    be given a lot of thought on: Social activities that our Metis kids, parents and Grandparents

    could be introduced to–a building that could house social activities, songs, music, culture,

    and fun things to help keep the young people away from the streets. A meeting place for

    youth to drop in and visit and still be kept safe from all they might encounter in the streets. Get

    the kids a place to meet and mingle and talk–with rules of order and encouragement to feel

    at ease to learn crafts, songs and dances the Metis history. All that comes with a large amount

    of money and resources and supervision, but it is important for the youth to feel they can

    participate and keep it clean, welcoming and safe.


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