TransCanada Project Reporting

BC Métis Federation continues to represent the interests and concerns of members. Today the organization, through the work of the consultation office, is sharing industry reporting specific to proposed TransCanada LNG consultation activities this past year.

These reports complete reporting requirements specific to multi year funding provided by TransCanada related to the proposed Coastal Gaslink, Prince Rupert Gas Transmission, and Nova Gas Transmission.

Thank you to members who continue to get involved, respond to online surveys, and attend community meetings.

Click here to view the Coastal Gaslink – BCMF Annual Report 2017 Click here to view the Nova Gas Transmission – BCMF Annual Report 2017 Click here to view the Prince Rupert Gas Transmission – BCMF Annual Report 2017

One Response to TransCanada Project Reporting

  1. Sharon Eyford May 24, 2017 at 12:39 pm #

    Thanks BCMF for all your information data. I appreciate all the work and energy that you have

    done on our behalf. This is a great way to keep up with all the highlights of your engagements,

    with Coastal Gaslink, Nova Gas Transmission, and Prince Rupert Gas Transmission. Without

    your interesting readings of all matters, I would guess we all would be in the dark as to what

    is going on out there.

    Many thanks,
    Metis Elder

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