Metis National Council (MNC) President Clem Chartier On Wrong Side Once Again

Chartier: “Unless we start taking a stand, they’re not going to really listen to us,” said Clement Chartier, President of the Métis National Council (MNC).

The MNC is on the wrong side of history once again. The MNC and their 5 affiliates from Ontario westward, including Métis Nation BC, have long attempted to entrench a ‘one window approach’ through government ‘recognition politics’ as the basis for ‘identity’ and usurp thousands of Métis people and our community independence.

MNC President Chartier and their affiliates (Métis Nation BC, Métis Nation of Alberta, Métis Nation Saskatchewan, Manitoba Métis Federation, and Métis Nation of Ontario) are on record signing weak ineffectual ‘deals’ with governments including the Federal government without proper Métis community consultation. An example is the recent “Métis Nation Accord” signed with the Federal Government they appear to be now grand standing against. Another example the the Métis Nation of Ontario signing off on deals like Bill 153 in Ontario.

Instead of protecting and enhancing sovereign Métis communities/nations with inherent rights, the MNC and these affiliates do not respect or support Métis self determination, voice and community consent.

It is interesting that recently the Federal Government is now taking a step forward with 10 principles that appear to support ‘mutual recognition’ and ‘self determination’ and “no one mechanism of reconciliation to another”.

In fact, consistent with principles of self-determination and completely contrary to the Federal Government 10 principles on many levels, the MNC and their affiliates do not have the mandate to speak on behalf of all Métis in Canada, nor do they have the authority to negotiate an agreement on behalf of all Métis of Canada.

In short, the MNC and their affiliates represent one particular way of being Métis in Canada and one style of top down governance through these public actions with no real grassroots support.

This is not a successful way forward for Métis.

2 Responses to Metis National Council (MNC) President Clem Chartier On Wrong Side Once Again

  1. Freeman Allain July 18, 2017 at 2:37 pm #

    You`re right again Keith. They are on the wrong side. They want a seat at the table with the Premiers but they don`t want to show up. Boycotts are the wrong way to go forward. You need dialogue and less greed. They are just too greedy. Freeman.

  2. Gerald November 19, 2017 at 1:55 pm #

    They speak only for their satisfaction , they do not speak for all the Metis of Canada , I see something wrong with this picture and it is what about the Metis from the east , I,am from New Brunswick , Canada and we should be one Nation from Coast to Coast to Coast .
    Greed will not get you anywhere but it can get you in a situation where you wonder did i do the wright thing , the wright thing for all the Metis of Canada ,this you have to ask yourself and a true Leader will think this out before jumping into something that is not wright .

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