New Premier Signals Commitment to Indigenous People in BC

BC Métis Federation is pleased to share the letter sent by new NDP Premier John Horgan to the BC Métis Federation and several other Indigenous organizations and communities last week.

This letter appears to send a new signal of inclusion for the BC Métis Federation which we welcome on behalf of our members and partner communities.

BC Métis Federation looks forward to our future meeting with the NDP government to ensure an updated and inclusive Métis Provincial Government policy in BC.

Click here to read the letter from Premier Horgan.

2 Responses to New Premier Signals Commitment to Indigenous People in BC

  1. Metis citizen August 1, 2017 at 12:29 am #

    Not sure who wrote that letter but the first sentence tells me alot. ‘Dear Chiefs and Chiefs councilors’ Metis do not have Chiefs nor Councilors. The indigenous word did sneak into this conversation but does not recognize our rightful place in British columbia, might I say “British” columbia. hemm hemm Pour me some tea please

    Lots of fancy words for a new government.

    “Ensure”, “challenging” “calls to action”, “commitment” “Importance and sensitivity”, “processes” and “having a busy time”

    The letter tells me our future is nothing more than words, and more of our people end up in jails, and on the street. Citing UNDRIP and the TRC, good grief, I’m sorrily disappointed in this letter. Words are just words without action, and it seems we are spinning our cart wheels in the mud on letters without meaning.

    Thanks for letting me rant, ….

    • Keith Henry August 2, 2017 at 11:31 am #

      Lets see how this unfolds Metis citizen.

      We agree that actions must be clear to include Metis.

      Keith Henry

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