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BC Métis Federation Releases Knowledge Partnership Project Report

Last April, BC Métis Federation released the executive summary of the Knowledge Partnership Project report to the public. This decision to release the report this week was due to the recent Métis National Council debates about homeland and Métis identity which also impacts BC. The BC Métis Federation has been stating the need for more […]

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MNC Claims of Métis Contrary to SCC in Daniels

As Métis people across Canada have witnessed this week, the Métis National Council (MNC) has claimed only Métis come from the homeland. Nothing could be further from the truth with the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC). So many Métis people and society are uneducated on what the courts have clarified in Canada. The Métis National […]

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What is the future for Métis in BC?

The BC Métis Federation has been watching the ongoing Métis public outrage within British Columbia as a result of the actions by the Métis National Council (MNC) at their recent General Assembly in Ottawa in November.

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BC Métis Federation Regulatory Submission TMX Reconsideration

BC Métis Federation is notifying members that the organization submitted a new document as an approved intervenor for the Trans Mountain Reconsideration review by the National Energy Board. The National Energy Board is reviewing 4 key areas of reconsideration; Indigenous consultation, marine shipping/air quality, air quality/human health, and finally marine shipping/water quality/wildlife. The report outlines […]

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What Happened to Métis Identity Recommendations

BC Métis Federation continues to hear significant outrage this week in response to the Métis National Council’s (MNC) release of the so called Métis Homeland map. What many Métis communities and organizations do not know, or choose to ignore, is that this map has dramatic impacts on Métis identity and future government policies. The map has […]

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BC Métis Federation Members Immediate Call to Action

BC Métis Federation is calling on members and friends of our organization to sign the petition immediately to voice your opposition to the power grab by the Métis National Council seeking to own the Métis flag. The Métis flag is owned by the Métis people of Canada and it appears the Métis National Council is […]

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