Federal Election – Métis Call to Action

The Federal Election polls for October 21st are starting to show a shift in who Canada may elect in the upcoming Federal Election.

The Conservatives are now polling ahead of the current ruling Liberals for the first week in over 4 years. The NDP, Greens, Bloq and PCC parties remain distant. However, the NDP and Greens are polling strong.

The latest Liberal leader Trudeau’s blackface scandal appears to be having an impact on voters across Canada and the Liberals and trending down. In addition, while Trudeau remains the top choice individually for voters as Prime Minister, he has lost significant ground and is also strongly trending down. In fact, 10 days ago he had minimally a 10-point margin which is now down to about 2.

Métis members in BC (and across Canada) it is very important to get out to all local Federal Election candidates and ask what their parties intend to do to advance for Métis people in Canada?

No parties are clear for Métis in the parties’ online platforms and do not allow the “pan Indigenous” discussion by candidates to mislead you. Most candidates do not even realize that when you say Indigenous it is not just about the local First Nations communities or their issues.

The time to ask and act is now.

We need to get out and vote on October 21st and the party you choose as your local Member of Parliament is your personal and confidential choice.

But without forcing real conversations for all parties in every Federal riding, it is clear Métis people are being completely forgotten about once again.

Click here to read an article on the latest poll updates. 

4 Responses to Federal Election – Métis Call to Action

  1. Metis canada September 24, 2019 at 9:07 am #

    The black face controversy is just that bad US political style of smearing someones reputation. Justin Trudeau is better than any racist conservatives that basically ignored aboriginal issues. Voting conservative will set any work done back 200 years as the conservative agenda has always been to continue genocidal policies

    • Teresa Desjarlais October 2, 2019 at 8:53 pm #

      Wow. “Racist Conservatives.” Not fair or kind.

    • Beth GH October 3, 2019 at 10:35 pm #

      Metis Canada ? Wow!

      Justin Trudeau has & is doing worse to Canada than any bad US political style of smearing.

      Trudeau has no respect for Canadians or Indigenous or Metis. Justin Trudeau is corrupt & is a fake feminist. He personally had his crew attack the Indigenous JWR Attorney General of Canada. Justin Trudeau is a bully attacking Liberal women and MP’s that don’t agree with his tone.

      The Conservatives are my personal choice. For you to say & tell people that by voting Conservatives will take us back 200 years is a extremely uneducated statement.

      Trudeau has worked hard to damage Canada’s economy. He has worked at killing all our natural resources employment such as the Oil Fields in Alberta, Lumber Mills in BC. Trudeau is pitting people against people. Trudeau is pitting religion against religion. Trudeau is pitting Provinces against Provinces, pitting West against the East & vise versa. Trudeau is also pitting Canadians against Indigenous people. (look at JWR) He promised water to Shoal Lake First Nations in Manitoba. (JT carried out 2-jugs to them) in his first year. That reserve doesn’t have fresh water to drink, wash vegetables or even bath in. We should all have fresh water, WATER is LIFE.

      Justin Trudeau has given Billions of dollars to foreign terrorist countries & terror linked groups in Canada. This shouldn’t be.

      If you cannot see the damage Trudeau has inflicted upon Canada, I say you are part of the reason Canada is in shambles like it is. In all my years of LIFE, I have never seen any government want to strip Canadians of all their rights and turn our Canada into a communist country. Vote (Conservative) or anyone other than Trudeau, Is my message!

  2. Metis Marg September 24, 2019 at 9:33 am #

    How narrow minded people r when a black face issue dominates the running of a country.

    Good Lord!

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