COVID-19 Impact on BC Métis Federation Members

BC Métis Federation leadership extends our ongoing heartfelt concerns for your safety and health during COVID-19.

Today we are releasing the results of a recent survey conducted by the organization. We know members have been deeply impacted, with some reporting infection. We are working with options to support our members.

Please remember to visit the BC Métis Federation COVID-19 page to review several supportive programs.

Click here to view the BC Métis Federation COVID-19 survey findings. 

One Response to COVID-19 Impact on BC Métis Federation Members

  1. rissa golfman April 16, 2020 at 10:32 pm #

    My grandson is in temporary Mcfd care he is Metis . we have been working on his return to my care .I got him in 2010 ,he has been in care just over 8 months . we were having regular weekend unsupervised visits including wed. dinner visits. When Covid 19 happened Mcfd cancelled all visits .this is contrary to U.N.D.R.I.P Metis people . I wrote letters to Mcfd Deputy Binister bc representative of children and youth, My grandson only received an Advocate ,my grandson is in a group home licenced under Island Health. The group home is running ” business as usual ” yet my grandson and I have not seen each other in a month today only calls and face time. In the category is this situation with the majority of children in Mcfd care of Aboriginal ancestry , this is wrong !! so no Metis people Children do not have equal access to services Family is not “essential”.

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