BC Metis Terrestrial Study

BC Metis Federation Releases Terrestrial Land Use Study Final Report

BC Metis Federation is releasing the final report for members and partners demonstrating contemporary and historic land use as it relates to the Trans Mountain Expansion Project and the impacts on our members.

The Terrestrial Report shares significant historic context and the impacts on our Metis cultural ways of life. This is the most comprehensive terrestrial study ever completed for Metis to date in British Columbia. Therefore we strongly encourage members and partners to review the full report.

Thank you to the Government of Canada and specifically Natural Resources Canada for the funding of this important terrestrial research project.


Click here to download the Press Release. Click here to download the BC Metis Federation Terrestrial Study.

2 Responses to BC Metis Federation Releases Terrestrial Land Use Study Final Report

  1. Don Woodcock July 14, 2020 at 3:11 pm #

    Keith and Joe-

    This study is absolutely outstanding. It is illuminating and the use of Indigenous Methodologies, analysis and conclusions is top notch. There really needs to be hardbound copies made for dispersal for others to model.

    Congratulations for an impactful, job well done.

    Dr. Don Woodcock

  2. Keith Henry July 16, 2020 at 12:08 pm #

    Thank you Don,

    We are very proud of the team who completed this groundbreaking work.

    This showcases that Metis history was part of BC well before many thought. Also the use of the land and resources historically and contemporarily.

    So much work to correct the misunderstandings about who Metis people are in BC.

    This is undeniable, fact based evidence.

    Some Metis fight the notion of who is Metis, that somehow we only are the decedents of Red River families.

    This is absolutely incorrect.

    Thank you

    Keith Henry

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