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Urban Native Youth Association Outreach Worker

Employer: Urban Native Youth Association
Location: Vancouver, B.C
Web site: http://www.unya.bc.ca/
Phone: 604-254-7732
Email: safehouse.coordinator@unya.bc.ca

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Outreach Worker

UNYA has one full-time employment opportunity for an Outreach Worker. The Outreach workers will provide outreach services for high-risk street-involved Aboriginal youth between the ages of 12 – 18 years. The Outreach Workers will provide support and assist youth in connecting with relevant community resources so that they can work towards living a safer and more positive lifestyle. The Outreach Workers will contribute to the UNYA team and network with other services providers to ensure the provision of a safe, supportive continuum of programs and services that are accessible and responsive in order to support the personal development of youth whose families are unavailable or unable to meet their needs.

The Outreach Workers report directly to the Safehouse Coordinator, and the MCFD Coordinator. Usual hours of work are the following shifts: Tues 2-10,
Wed 2-10, Thurs 2-10, Fri 4-12, Sat 4-12am. However, the Outreach Workers will maintain a flexible schedule to meet the needs of youth.

Qualifications and Conditions:

1. Child care Diploma / Certificate or related University Degree and a minimum of 2 years’ experience in child and youth care, or a combination of
relevant education and experience.
2. Experience working with street-involved youth, particularly Native youth.
3. Must have a broad based knowledge of the family and social issues that Native youth face today, including the generational impacts of the residential school system on Native families and communities, and a good understanding of Native cultures and traditions.
4. Must demonstrate a good working knowledge of community resources in Vancouver, particularly youth & Aboriginal-specific resources.
5. Will have the ability to work independently as well as part of a team.
6. Will have the ability to identify with mandate, policies and procedures of the organization.
7. Must possess a good working knowledge of computer systems and programs.
8. Must have strong written and oral communications skills, including the ability to compile accurate records and prepare reports.
9. Must have a personal support system and self-care plan in place.
10. Must have a criminal record check completed by and satisfactory to UNYA.
11. Given the needs of youth accessing this program, preference will be given to qualified Aboriginal applicants.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Ensure that youth’s basic needs are being met, including assisting youth in searching for and maintaining appropriate and safe accommodations.
2. Assist youth in identifying a plan that meets their financial, residential, educational, social, support, cultural, recreational, and safety needs. Assist youth in learning more about and/or connecting with appropriate multi-cultural or First Nations communities with whom the youth identifies.
3. Assist youth in assessing what services they require and in preparing to access to the service. Provide interim support and services to youth awaiting a needed community service. Provide encouragement to youth by recognizing their strengths, successes, and progress.
4. Assist youth in developing independent living skills such as budgeting, diet planning, communication skills and conflict resolution.
5. Work with the MCFD staff, service providers and parents, when appropriate, regarding case management. Refer youth to MCFD Social Workers
should youth present as high risk to themselves or others.
6. Build and maintain a network of positive working relationships with other service providers to ensure effective referrals and a good continuum of care for youth. As required, consult with youth, Safehouse Coordinator and staff, and other relevant individuals to identify and respond to the needs and goals of individual youth.
7. Keep abreast of all current social concerns and street trends and as required attend professional development activities in order to remain informed regarding issues affecting street-involved youth.
8. Actively assist in the ongoing development and review of program components. Positively address all concerns, incidents or crises which affect
program mandate, UNYA policy, personal issues, community relations, youth, etc.
9. Respect and maintain confidentiality of staff issues within the team, with the exception of the Program Coordinator and/or their direct supervisors. Respect and assure youth of confidentiality in the community and with other service professionals.
10. Positively contribute to regularly scheduled team and FUNYA meetings in order to inform the ongoing evaluation and development of the program.
11. Consult with and report to immediate supervisor, and prepare and submit reports to supervisors, as required. Maintain accurate logs and compile
statistical records to support program needs and inform ongoing program development and evaluation. As required, actively promote and participate in
fundraising activities for program development.
12. Assist other members of the Outreach Team in establishing a trusting, non-judgmental, non-exploitative rapport with youth. As required, perform any other duty that the Safehouse Coordinator deems necessary to ensure the safe, healthy, and productive operation of the Outreach Team.

Please send a resume and a cover letter stating the position that you are applying for to the attention of Steve Dancey at
safehouse.coordinator@unya.bc.ca No enquiries. Only those short-listed will be contacted. Resumes will not be reviewed without a
covering letter. Closing date: when filled