Louis Riel Day Commemoration – November 16th, 2011

The BC Métis Federation reminds British Columbians that November 16th marks a historic day for the Métis people throughout Canada. Louis Riel Day has been identified as an annual general holiday in Manitoba on the third Monday of each February. This holiday commemorates the life of Louis Riel and his contributions to Canada. Louis Riel […]

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BC Métis Federation Ensures Student Living Allowances Paid

The BC Métis Federation is pleased that our recent public pressure has once again forced MNBC to deal with the delay of the student living allowances provided by the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) program. I have been now informed that student allowances have been sent this week and although over 8 days […]

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MNBC Student Living Allowances Clarification

BCMF has been informed since last Friday by MNBC funded students that recent student living allowances and tuitions funded by Service Canada have not been paid or released by MNBC. Specifically there is great concern regarding much needed living allowances that these individuals depend on to pay rent, food, etc.

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Immediate Call to Action Regarding Student Allowances

The BC Métis Federation has been contacted by individuals and concerned family members this past week regarding Métis people who have been funded through the Métis employment and training offices throughout BC. MNBC is provided approximately 6.5 million annually by the Federal Government through a program managed by Service Canada. It appears MNBC is late […]

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Métis Employment Student Allowances in Jeopardy

(Vancouver, BC) The BC Métis Federation continues to call on governments to be accountable for supporting the Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) while calls for accountability to Métis people in BC have been ignored. MNBC has continued to mislead government partners, Métis communities, and individual Métis people about the state of the financial crisis the […]

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Métis Nation British Columbia Should Step Back In the Box

(Vancouver, BC) British Columbia Métis Federation (BCMF) read the recent Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) press release entitled “Métis Nation British Columbia’s Economic Development takes a Large Step Outside the Box” with great interest. The recent MNBC press release was posted on the MNBC website this past Monday and sent by email to their distribution […]

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Honouring Louis Riel - Métis Old Time Dance

Honouring Louis Riel – Métis Old Time Dance

BCMF is proud to hosting a Métis cultural celebration. On Saturday, November 19, at the Hall Whalley Legion in Surrey, BCMF will be honouring Louis Riel with a Métis old time dance. Cocktails start at 5pm, Potluck Supper starts at 6pm, and the dance start at 7pm. The night will include a short historical discussion […]

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BCMF Cultural Representative Continues Her Work to Promote Metis Culture with School District #51

BCMF Cultural Representative Continues Her Work to Promote Metis Culture with School District #51

BCMF board member and cultural ambassador was hard at work this week working with Midway Elementary students in Grand Forks who are in School District #51. Bev continues her efforts to assist students and communities throughout BC better understand who the Metis people are and a little more about our culture. BCMF encourages any interested community,school, […]

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Further MNBC Deception

As of Friday, October 14th MNBC suspended all Meet-So Catering Services Limited operations as MNBC finally admitted Meet-So Catering was not meeting revenues in a letter dated October 19th but released at noon on October 20th.

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Métis Veterans Association–BC Join the Blue Wave!

(Vancouver, BC) British Columbia Métis Federation (BCMF) representatives have reached another important agreement this week. The Métis Veterans Association of BC (MVA-BC) as association that represents a number of Métis veterans who are located throughout the Province. MVA-BC has been a legal society for years and prides itself on support for individual members who deal […]

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