Regional Economic Summit – Coastal Gaslink Prince George

Attention BC Métis members and business owners TransCanada is hosting an economic summit Friday, February 15th in Prince George. This is an economic summit open to the BC Métis Federation members, partner businesses and the public intended to create opportunities with CGL Prime Contractor(s) and their subcontractors. Event Details: Where: Prince George Civic Centre — 808 […]

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New Métis Coloring Book Available

BC Métis Federation is proud to share a new resources for Métis members, families, and organizations seeking Métis resources. She has created a new Métis coloring book sharing some of the Métis history and culture from northeast British Columbia. Member Earlene Bitterman is the creator of this new Métis cultural material. She was born in […]

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Federation Leadership Meet with Provincial Minister

BC Métis Federation leaders thank Provincial Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation Honourable Scott Fraser for the constructive meeting today at the Provincial Government office in Vancouver. The agenda spoke to key issues of province wide Métis reconciliation, formal steps to establishing the relationship between the BC Métis Federation and the Province of British Columbia, […]

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BC Métis Federation Board Meeting February 9th

BC Métis Federation leadership is informing members today that our next Provincial Board meeting is Saturday, February 9th, 2019. The board is pleased to share the draft agenda for this upcoming meeting. If members have specific questions, please send to

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B.C. Métis Federation Project Update – Northeast BC

The week started with the ACPP crew observing the various stages of construction along the RoW. All safety protocols were followed to ensure crew safety. The ACPP crew continues to be vigilant in discussing the daily safety tailgate meetings. The ACPP crew are provided with daily safety updates from the Coordinators attendance of the morning […]

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Métis Children and Family Update

BC Métis Federation is sharing the latest information sent by the Ministry of Children and Family Development entitled “Draft Accountability Statements, Annual Reports on Outcomes and Approaches.” Recognition of the role for BC Métis Federation to address our members children and family issues is a positive step forward. However, the organization is yet to fully […]

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Condolences to Hallett Family

BC Métis Federation extends our heartfelt condolences to the Hallett family and their friends. On December 30th Richard Hallett passed away. Richard is the husband of Heather Hallett and is himself a proud Métis person. His wife Heather has contributed decades of support in the Métis community by assisting Metis people to complete their genealogy […]

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BC Métis Federation Releases Knowledge Partnership Project Report

Last April, BC Métis Federation released the executive summary of the Knowledge Partnership Project report to the public. This decision to release the report this week was due to the recent Métis National Council debates about homeland and Métis identity which also impacts BC. The BC Métis Federation has been stating the need for more […]

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MNC Claims of Métis Contrary to SCC in Daniels

As Métis people across Canada have witnessed this week, the Métis National Council (MNC) has claimed only Métis come from the homeland. Nothing could be further from the truth with the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC). So many Métis people and society are uneducated on what the courts have clarified in Canada. The Métis National […]

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What is the future for Métis in BC?

The BC Métis Federation has been watching the ongoing Métis public outrage within British Columbia as a result of the actions by the Métis National Council (MNC) at their recent General Assembly in Ottawa in November.

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