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BCMF Membership Categories

The BC Métis Federation has three categories of membership.

BCMF Full Member

The BC Métis Federation (BCMF) will recognize Full Membership upon proof of possession of a genealogical verified card from one of the following provincial Métis organizations as well as other Métis Communities or Organizations that are designated by the Board:

  • Métis Nation British Columbia
  • Métis Nation of Alberta
  • Métis Nation of Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba Métis Federation
  • Métis Nation of Ontario
  • Labrador Métis Nation
  • Northwest Territory Métis Nation
  • Métis Settlements Grand Council

BCMF will automatically recognize Métis individuals who apply for membership and are full members of Métis Communities or Métis Organizations in British Columbia if their Communities or Organizations have signed a Statement of Cooperation with BCMF.

BCMF will automatically recognize a close blood relative resident in British Columbia with the same Métis blood-line of a registered Member of the BCMF who applies for membership with proof (via photocopy) of their relative’s membership in the BCMF.

BCMF Associate Member

BCMF will recognize Associate Membership for:

  • Spouses of BCMF members
  • Friends of the BCMF
  • Independent supporters who complete a BCMF membership application form but have not provided genealogical evidence to substantiate their Métis identification at the time of membership application
  • Métis who do not have their genealogy complete will become associate members until a member has completed the necessary research to verify citizenship

Associate Members will not be eligible to vote at any BCMF general meetings and are not eligible to sit on the BCMF board of directors.

BCMF Honourary Member

BCMF will recognize Honourary Membership for:

  • Such persons may be admitted by resolution of the membership at an annual general meeting
  • Recognized friends of the BCMF by Order of the Sash presentation or extraordinary circumstance

Honourary Members will not be eligible to vote at any BCMF general meetings and are not eligible to sit on the BCMF board of directors.

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BCMF Membership Fees

The current BCMF membership cost structure covers the printing costs of the BCMF laminate membership cards. Family memberships include children under the age of 18.

  • Individual – $30.00
  • Family (4 +) – $100.00
  • Elders (65+) – $25.00

The membership fee structure will be reviewed after the first BCMF Annual General Meeting.

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BCMF Membership Card

All BCMF Members will receive a BCMF Membership Card.










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How to Complete Your Membership Application

The BCMF Membership Application package consists of four parts:

  • Application Form
  • Statutory Declaration Form
  • Consent to Release Form
  • Genealogy Diagram

Click here for information on genealogy research services.

BC Métis Federation is pleased to provide the following additional resource to assist you research and prepare your genealogies with your BC Métis Federation membership application:

Heather Hallett – Métis Red River Genealogist

  • 1490 Thorpe Avenue, Courtenay, B.C, V9N 7K7
  • 250-338-1721
  • Fees are negotiable on an individual basis
  • 25 years experience

Please contact Heather directly should you have any other questions.

You must also submit 2 identical passport-style photos for use with your BCMF Membership Card. Photos must be from the mid-chest to just above the head and use a light coloured background.

You must complete and return all of the above documents along with your passport photos and  payment before you will receive your BCMF Membership Card. Please make your cheque or money order out to:

  • BC Métis Federation Society

Mail your documents and payment to the BCMF Head Office:

  • BC Métis Federation
  • Attention: Membership Coordinator
  • 300 – 3665 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC, V5R 5W2

For more information, or for questions, please contact:

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