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Louis Riel Exoneration Efforts 2020 Summary

BC Métis Federation is sharing a summary of the work in 2020 to exonerate Louis Riel created by the Friends of Louis Riel Society and one of their team members Mr. David Doyle.

Mr. Doyle has been an advocate for the exoneration of Louis Riel for over 35 years.  BC Métis Federation recognized Mr. Doyle with “honorary membership” for this lifetime work.

Thank you David for your efforts and advocacy to correct Louis Riel’s wrongful and unjust conviction and execution.  You have inspired thousands of Metis and non-Indigenous Canadians to understand why Louis Riel must be exonerated and your work will carry on for years until Louis Riel is exonerated.

To review the 2020 Louis Riel exoneration summary click here. 

One Response to Louis Riel Exoneration Efforts 2020 Summary

  1. David Doyle January 4, 2021 at 4:22 pm #

    Sincere thanks to President Keith Henry and the BC Metis Federation. Your support for justice for Louis Riel and his exoneration has been unfailing since your incorporation. I am proud to have worked with you and wish your Metis Nation success in your quest for self-governance and your Indigenous Rights.
    Long live the noble spirit of Louis Riel
    David Doyle – Honore Jaxon

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