About the BC Métis Federation

The BC Métis Federation (BCMF) is a non-profit association that works with Métis communities to ensure the well being of BCMF members. Through grassroots efforts, BCMF advocates on behalf of its many members, living all across the province. Continue reading about our values and vision or jump to our Partner Communities, Board of Directors or Staff and Contractors.

Li taan paasii. Li taan ki vyayn.

From our past. For our future.

Preserving our heritage and sharing it with younger generations is necessary for the survival of Métis peoples. Through cultural revitalization, gathering in the community, and sharing stories we ensure our legacy lives on.


A strong and engaged BC Métis population that is grounded in Métis knowledge, language, and culture, and supports the wellness and prosperity of Métis families, children, youth, women, elders, and veterans.


BCMF works with integrity and collaboration towards the advancement of Métis knowledge, language, culture, wellness, and self-determination today and for future generations of Métis families.


The BCMF has identified values that will be honoured and respected in recognition of our grassroots Métis culture as the foundation.

Trust / Honesty / Integrity / Accountable leadership / Support for Métis Elders; veterans; women; youth; children and families / Commitment / Vision / Empowerment of each Métis person

Partner Communities

The BC Métis Federation continues to build relationships with Métis communities and service delivery organizations throughout British Columbia. Statements of Cooperation or Memorandums of Understanding have been signed between the BCMF and Métis communities.

Board of Directors

As a non-profit organization, BC Métis Federation is governed by a Board of Directors. Every one of our directors holds an active, full membership with BCMF for a minimum of a year before they can be appointed to the Board. There are currently ten (10) active seats on the Board and they are governed by a set of Bylaws. You can view the bylaws here.

Staff and Contractors

BCMF has an operational staff to oversee a variety of projects and programs for our members and utilizes contractors to fill knowledge gaps or temporarily increase the capacity needed for a specific project.

Strategic Plan

The BC Métis Federation Strategic Plan for 2021-2024 was developed through a combination of reviewing internal and public-facing organizational documents and engaging members through surveys, one-on-one conversations, and meetings.

Action Plan

The BC Métis Federation Action Plan for 2023-2024 includes strategies for expanded Michif language resources, cultural programming, research activities, a cultural centre to celebrate the living culture of Métis people across the province, plus much more.

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