Consultation Office Information

BC Métis Federation continues to assert the rights for our Métis members throughout British Columbia. One of the key areas of focus has been to ensure proper Métis consultation. The Consultation Office for the BC Métis Federation continues to evolve through our team member Kelly Davison, who works under the direction of the board to ensure members have the opportunity for input on projects that could impact their Métis rights.

The following information outlines projects and reports to date that the BC Métis Federation is involved in with industry and various levels of the Provincial and Federal Governments.

Be sure to watch for membership opportunities to get involved in projects that may affect you, your family or your community.

EA Review

BCMF Presentation EA Review Speaking Notes – Dec 13, 2016 BCMF Written Submissions to EA Review Panel – Dec 21, 2016

Fisheries Act

BCMF Fisheries Act Submission – Jan 31, 2017 Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans Reply – March 10, 2017

Navigation Protection Act

BCMF NPA Submission – Jan 30, 2017

NEB Modernization

BCMF Speaking Notes – Expert Panel re NEB Review – Feb 9, 2017 BCMF Written Submissions to NEB Review Panel – March 31, 2017

Pouce Coupe Consultation Survey

BCMF Pouce Coupé Pipe Line Report – April, 2016

Trans Mountain Expansion

BCMF Trans Mountain Pipeline Letters – Nov 18, 2016