BC Métis Federation Special General Meeting

BCMF will be hosting a virtual Special General Meeting on May 22nd, 2021. The draft agenda includes a comprehensive project review, operational updates, as well as the presentation of proposed updates to the BCMF bylaws. The formal notice is available here.

Draft Agenda:

Start time: 1pm PST

1:00 – Introduction and Opening Prayer
1:10 – Call to Order – Verification of quorum
1:20 – Approval of SGM Chair & Agenda
1:30 – Operational Update – Membership Update, Projects, 10 year anniversary, Branding
2:30 – Omnibus Resolution – Bylaws
2:45 – Closing Prayers & Music

All voting members are encouraged to review a series of amendments to that total 30 overall changes prior to attending the Special General Meeting. The bylaws will be reviewed and voted on by omnibus resolution, meaning all proposed bylaw changes will be approved together. The proposed changes can be found here.

Members will receive an email invitation with the virtual meeting login info. Please make sure your contact information is correct and up to date, or request an invitation by contacting Membership@BCMetis.com.

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