French-Michif Language Camp

The BC Métis Federation is proud to offer an immersive French-Michif language camp on the land in Northern BC this summer. The camp offers participants the opportunity to learn French-Michif from fluent speakers — an important way to sustain Métis culture and to help protect this endangered language. Participants will be camping in RVs and each day will include Métis cultural activities such as cooking, trail walks, gardening, fiddle music, and social gatherings. There will also be a welcome from the local community as well as local tours and a camp kitchen party.

Only 4 spots remaining!

To be eligible to participate, attendees must be a BCMF member and be 19 years of age or older. Travel costs are covered and a stipend is provided!

More Information

Download the event guide PDF for more information on what to expect at the French-Michif Langauge Camp as well as detailed information on the subsidy provided to partner communities to sponsor participants. If you have questions, or require further information, please contact Jeanie Cardinal, BCMF Director of Language and Culture, by email at:

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