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The BC Métis Federation (BCMF) is a non-profit association that works with Métis communities to ensure the well-being of BCMF members. Through grassroots efforts, BCMF advocates on behalf of its many members, living all across the province.




Benefits of BC Métis Membership

Programs & Services

    • At BCMF, our Vision is a strong and engaged BC Métis population that is grounded in Métis knowledge, language, and culture. Learn more about the ongoing Programs and Services available to BCMF members.

Job Board

    • BCMF wants to assist Métis seeking work as well as also assisting contractors who are seeking employees. Anyone interested in finding jobs or workers should contact Karen Andrews, Employment Coordinator at

Cultural Revitalization

    • Our culture is the cornerstone of who we are as Métis people. It defines us in every way from the food we eat, to our languages, arts and music. Preserving our Métis culture and sharing it with our youth and children is more than a goal for BCMF, it is to prevent our extinction.

Michif Language Project

    • BC Métis Federation is proud to be in partnership with Heritage Canada on a new Michif language initiative entitled, Revitalization of Our Michif Language Project in BC.
    • The Michif language heavily influenced our Métis culture. BC Métis Federation recognizes the integral importance of the Michif language, which is at risk of being lost forever.

Voting Rights

    • BCMF full membership holders are able to actively participate and vote at Annual General Meetings and run in BCMF elections to become Director. They can also participate in one of the many programs and services offered through BCMF.


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