Michif Language Revitalization Survey

The most commonly spoken Aboriginal language among Métis is Cree, followed by Michif.

  • Why do we not have more Métis people engaged in the Michif Language learning when resources are readily available?

This is the question and we are looking for the solutions.

  • What do our Métis people need to make language learning enticing enough, as the moral obligation and available resources to learn the language is not motivating or engaging them?
  • What learning styles, schedules or environments need to be different than the online resources in order to engage and motivate Métis people to learn the Michif language?
  • If Métis people arrive to participate in social events of fiddle playing and gatherings of entertainment of culture, what would it take for them to arrive with the same motivation for Michif language learning?
  • Adult learners are different than young learners. Often time’s employment and family responsibilities are partly responsible for the time management of an adult learner’s availability. Sometimes the lack of confidence and fear of failure in learning new tasks is influencing the adult learner. How do we adapt this new process to engage more adult learners to take leadership in learning the Michif language?
  • Lack of formal learning environments and grading systems for Michif language can potentially be discouraging for our people as there is no formal way to let the learner know when they have successfully accomplished a language level competency and when the next level of learning begins. The local teaching groups provide basic beginner language while not really identifying a graduated level of learning or transition to the next level of competency in language development.
  • The absence of in-person instruction, consistency of instruction, mentoring and tutoring opportunities do not appear available.

We advise members to complete the Michif Language Revitalization Survey below, or download the survey here:

Download Michif Language Revitalization Survey

Completed surveys can be emailed to RTherrien@CityWest.ca or you can mail a hard copy to the BC Métis Federation head office:

300 – 3665 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC,
V5R 5W2