A Positive Experience for Hudson’s Hope Métis Students

(Hudson Hope, BC) BC Métis Federation continued sharing cultural work this week following Louis Riel Day celebrations. A positive experience for all was held at the Hudson Hope School on Monday, November 18th 2013 in honour of Louis Riel Day. BC Metis Federation Cultural Ambassador Beverly Lambert was welcomed by the Hudson’s Hope school Principal Mr. Beam and Ms. Val Paice Aboriginal support worker. Métis students from the Hudson Hope School put on a stellar performance for fellow classmates as the afternoon was full of energy with a room full of excited students learning valuable messages of Métis cultural and traditions.

Beverly Lambert spoke to the crowd against ‘bullying’ and reinforced the positive energy of working together assuming leadership roles and inspiring the youth to be proud of whom they are.

BC Metis Federation Director Earlene Bitterman who attended to take pictures and video stated, “It was way past lunchtime and no one wanted to leave as it was such a positive experience.”

BC Métis Federation Director Bitterman added, “I am very happy to see the Metis culture being promoted in my hometown. The Métis are no longer forgotten people when we are recognized for who we are, education is the key to understanding each other’s cultures and end the long misunderstanding of the Métis people. Thank you Beverly for being there.”

Val Paice stated, “She brought in the cultural understanding of cultural differences and how the Métis came to Canada. The Mayor of Hudson Hope Gwen Johansson attended by invitation and congratulated Bev on the positive message in her performance.” Aboriginal support worker Ms. Val Paice stated there is a need for Métis culture historic teachings in the school that will be explored in the future.

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry concluded, “Thank you to Earlene and Beverly for the most recent cultural work reaching the schools and community of Hudson Hope. This is yet another excellent example of how BC Métis Federation supports Métis cultural education where is counts. Those Métis and non Métis students had a great time and learned a little more together in a positive environment. To see that BC Métis Federation flag and the traditional Métis flags demonstrates how important we believe these undertakings are. I continue to encourage all school districts to contact Beverly Lambert and have her come in to provide that much needed Métis culture. Thank you again Beverly and Earlene as this is work that really matters.”

For more information about the BC Métis Federation please go to www.bcmetis.com. A video from this latest BC Métis Federation experience in Hudson Hope has now been posted to witness the energy and efforts of BC Métis Federation cultural ambassador Beverly Lambert.

Watch BC Metis Federation Cultural Ambassador Beverly Lambert 9:03

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