Aboriginal Author Interview Proves Powerful for the Coffee Talk Audience and BCMF Welcomes Two New members to the Team

(Vancouver, BC) Tsimshian Nation member, lawyer, motivational speaker and author from the community of Lax Kw’alaams Mr. Calvin Helin was moderator Keith Henry’s Coffee Talk guest this week and he didn’t disappoint with his views on the challenges caused by Aboriginal dependency on government funding. Mr. Helin is the author of the bestselling titles The Economic Dependency Trap and Dances with Dependency. These books are available at www.spiritorca.com.

During Mr. Helin’s appearance on Coffee Talk moderator Keith Henry asked a number of questions about Mr. Helin’s history, how he formed his opinions and what the consequences are for his views about an accepted way of Aboriginal dependence on governments referred to as the “Indian industry”. Mr. Helin replied; “I was cautioned by many that I would carry a target on my back for saying the things that I wrote.” However, Mr. Helin went on to describe how new Aboriginal leadership understands there needs to be change and he hopes his books carry this change forward. To review the entire interview with Mr. Helin please connect with the BCMF website and click on the Coffee Talk link.

Coffee Talk moderator Keith Henry also broke the exciting news announcing that Métis historians George and Terry Goulet have agreed to join the British Columbia Métis Federation (BCMF) as the official BCMF Historical Consultants. The addition of the Goulet’s is a signal to Métis across British Columbia that BCMF continues to build support as the rightful political leadership for Métis people and it must be recognized the Goulet’s would not publicly stand with the BCMF without good reason.

Founding President Keith Henry and the BCMF board members warmly welcome George and Terry Goulet. George and Terry Goulet have authored books such as; The Trial of Louis Riel: Justice and Mercy Denied; The Métis: Memorable Events and Memorable Personalities, and The Métis in British Columbia: From Fur Trade Outposts to Colony.

BCMF Founding President Keith Henry stated; “Another great week with lots of progress. Having Mr. Helin share his views on the BCMF hosted show Coffee Talk showcased our diversity to bring forward different perspectives from the Aboriginal community. Mr. Helin is of course First Nation but he has a deep respect for the Métis people. I believe many of his views are what we see in our Nation today in BC. We have an organization (MNBC) purporting to represent all Métis people and benefitting by this to the tune of about 12 million a year. One would think all they have to do is administer properly. However, we know this sense of a welfare state is at the core of this organization. They continue to run massive annual debts, offer no accountability, and refuse to be transparent with public funding. Governments have them in a vulnerable position as MNBC now desperately fights for any program dollars to fight off bankruptcy. Clearly 12 million was not enough and with the attitudes at MNBC there will never be enough because they will keep taking and taking with no sense of responsibility to their communities or people.”

BCMF Founding President Henry concluded; “Having George and Terry Goulet join our BCMF team is a great addition to our BCMF future. We believe our culture is a major priority and there is so much more education our people need in BC to understand our history here. The Goulet’s have agreed to assist Métis communities in BC learn more about their historical information. If Métis communities or organizations are interested in Métis histories in BC please contact me and we will be sure to provide information the Goulet’s have in their resource material.”

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