Annual General Meeting Takes BC Métis Federation to Next Level

(Langley, BC) The second BC Métis Federation Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held at West Langley Hall in Langley, BC yesterday. Delegates attended from many parts of the province including Terrace, Prince Rupert, Prince George, Hudson Hope, Williams Lake, Kamloops, Vancouver, Victoria, Kelly Lake, Surrey and several other locations. The AGM registered several voting delegates and the day was attended by approximately 120 Métis people.

A number of key issues were addressed in accordance with the BC Métis Federation Society bylaws including approval of the 2012-2013 Annual Report, resolutions, updating the current status of the human rights claims, plus many other items.

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry stated, “There is no doubt or denial of the continued growth of the BC Métis Federation. The second BC Métis Federation Annual General Meeting was larger than the first year and new items were addressed. It is clear that the message we have been stating for some time now is that Métis people decide who represents their interests and BC Métis Federation sand our partner communities are providing that democratic choice.”

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry added, “A new Métis community signed on with BC Métis Federation from Terrace known as the Skeena River Métis Cultural Society. BC Métis Federation received unanimous support to stand strong on the human rights claims against the Provincial and Federal Governments. Proponents attended and presented important information highlighted by the Kinder Morgan Canada presentation on the Trans Mountain Expansion Project as well as the BC Hydro proposed Site C project.”

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry further added, “One of the most significant announcements was the efforts by the BC Métis Federation and Rielco Productions Inc. from Saskatchewan to bring the Trail of Louis Riel for the first time in history to British Columbia this November. This is a world class performance and BC Métis Federation has completed all planning and agreements with Rielco Productions Inc. to have three showings for the public November 15th and 16th this year in honour of Louis Riel Day which is recognized by Métis people on November 16th. This will be the must see show for First Nations, Métis, Schools, and the general public to better understand our history as Métis on one of the most significant events in Canada. Delegates were very pleased and each representative was provided a poster to distribute in offices and locations across the province. The event is being managed by Raven Events and tickets are expected to sell out fast. Watch for future information on how to purchase your tickets, location and times, plus other important planning details.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “Thank you to the delegates who came out in very strong numbers from across the province. We are growing in recognition and support from Métis people and communities. Thank you to our BC Métis Federation board and staff who worked very hard setting up and preparing. The day was an absolute success in every way. There is nothing but a very bright future and Métis people have a true choice to have BC Métis Federation represent their interests.”

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