APTN Métis Reporter Tina House Guest Stars with Keith Henry on Coffee Talk

(Vancouver, BC) Coffee Talk moderator Keith Henry welcomed a well known and celebrated Métis woman Tina House last night who was not only informational but inspirational as well. Tina is the daughter of Métis political activist Fred House who passed in 2003. Tina began her television career in 1997 as a videographer. She has also produced documentaries and feature films that have won numerous awards at film festivals across Canada. Tina currently works as a National News reporter in the Vancouver bureau for APTN.

Tina began working in the film industry as a background extra in television production in Vancouver then formed her own company at the age of 23. Tina then began supplying actors, extras, stunt performers, and musicians for feature films, television series and commercials. She has shot music videos of live concerts with Greg Allman, Judas Priest and then branching out into independent music videos for bands like Nickelback.

In 1998 Tina shot the documentary “Aboriginal Youth Making It Happen” for Aboriginal Business Canada. She also produced “Ending Racism” for the RBC. Her television credits as an agent include The X-Files, Poltergeist, Outer Limits, and North of 60.

Appearing on Coffee Talk with Keith Henry the discussion was less about her remarkable accomplishments and more about the issues facing Métis people in British Columbia. She elaborated on her late father’s career as a Métis leader beginning in 1971 and his vision for a Métis people taking their proper and equal place in the future development of British Columbia and Canada. She indicated that she is convinced Métis rights are still not realized. She spoke of her late father (Mr. Fred House) and his perseverance over obstacles and how that brought him to power as an elected president of BCANSI (British Columbia Association of Non-Status Indians). Mr. House was a nationally recognized Métis political activist and he spoke at the 1981-82 Canadian Constitutional talks and his words were published in every major newspaper in Canada at the time. Mr. House, with Métis leaders like the late Harry Daniels, was instrumental in negotiating Métis people’s inclusion in the Canadian constitution. Tina is a believer in action over talk and doing things that advance the cause of Métis people.

Coffee Talk moderator Keith Henry added part two of the Métis historical landmarks and geographical locations using information provided by BCMF Historical Consultants George and Terry Goulet. Mr. Henry also read passages from Joe Desjarlais’ new book titled “The Mark” a biography on his family’s experience being British Columbia Métis and the two identities that he occupies, Canadian and Métis both disparate identities and separate from each other. Mr. Desjarlais is a member of the BCMF Board of Directors.

Next Thursday’s (August 19th 2011) Coffee Talk at 7:30 PM PST will feature an interview with the newest members of the BCMF Mr. Tim St Denis, Doctor.

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