Ask Yourself Do You Really Know The Truth About MNBC?

Open letter to Mètis people,

I am writing today to encourage Métis people and governments in British Columbia to ask themselves if they really know the serious issues facing the Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC)? This correspondence is not meant to be an attack on MNBC or the people involved but rather a clear statement of many facts that have led thousands of Métis people to remove themselves from the MNBC and there is little reason why in light of the past and new facts set out today.

In 2009 the former Coalition of Concerned Métis Citizens, now the BC Métis Federation as of June 2011, raised six (6) key issues for MNBC to address and today these issues remain unresolved and still growing. Therefore BC Métis Federation is sharing new information today In light of the upcoming MNBC Annual General Meeting (AGM) and more reasons why the BC Métis Federation encourages current Métis Chartered Communities and MNBC card holders to reconsider attending any MNBC meeting and stepping away completely from MNBC, if not already done so.

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