Audience Explosion Crashes Coffee Talk Segment Metis Trading Post at Klahowya Village

(Klahowya Village BC) Two thousand viewers were primed and ready for BCMF Founding President Keith Henry to begin his Coffee Talk program but in a broadcast first for the program they were all lined up for the 7:30PM start time all at once. The result was a program crash.

Even with the record 3000 online viewers watching the BCMF Inaugural Presidential Address last Saturday June 18th 2011 the number of viewers measured was a cumulative total over the full one-hour broadcast and the technology contained the volume.

2600 viewers online at once right from the start leads to speculation on how many might have tuned in throughout the 36 minute program that included a tour of the Metis Trading Post showcasing Metis art and culture located on site at Klahowya Village on the grounds by the miniature railway in Stanley Park.

It is fair to report that usually audiences triple during the course of the Coffee Talk Show growing by consecutive quarter hours so this formula can be extrapolated out to 4500 – 5000 online viewers that would have tuned in to last night’s show had it not crashed from oversubscription.

[ilink url=”/wp-content/uploads/coffee-talk-crash-new.pdf” style=”download”]Notice – Coffee Talk Crash[/ilink]


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