BC Liberals Stun the Experts with Decisive Win in British Columbia

(Vancouver, BC) – The BC Metis Federation congratulates Premier Christy Clark on her decisive win in the provincial election last evening. As late as days ago the Liberals were considered to be behind in the polls but in a stunning turnaround victory they have garnered a majority of the vote and a majority government for the next four years.

The BC Metis Federation is optimistic that the incoming Liberal government will champion the Metis people and support their efforts to become unified with one voice under a leadership that is fair and equitable in British Columbia to its entire people. BC Métis Federation has had dialogue with Liberal representatives for many years in the hopes of making the government more aware of the complex issues that are facing Métis people in today’s economy and their ongoing cultural recognitions and needs.

The BC Metis Federation looks forward to a fresh relationship and dialogue with a new government that fosters hope and encouragement to the over 60,000 self identified Metis people in BC and the thousands or members Métis persons allied with the BC Metis Federation.

The challenges and battles that face the new Liberal government could well define a new relationship between the voters and the BC provincial government and BC Metis Federation will loom to providing a guiding role on Metis issues to Premier Christy Clark as she begins her new mandate.

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry stated; “Congratulations to Premier Clark for her victory but we hope her government will make greater efforts to connect with all Métis people in the future. There are many important issues to address and we all want a better economy and support for all Métis people.”

BC Métis Federation Henry added; “Thank you to all of the Métis people who voted and participated in this provincial election. I know Métis people voted for all parties and it was important to do so no matter who you voted for. We need to continue to participate in Federal and Provincial elections to ensure governments know we can organize and will ensure our concerns and voice is heard.”

BC Métis Federation Henry concluded; “I was impressed with Premier Clark’s victory speech and interviews following the election. She was sincere and clearly touched by the mandate the people of BC have provided to her government. Often we can get caught up in the moment of politics but she was humble and very proud standing by her young son. On behalf of our board, members, and partner communities we wish her all the best.”

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