BC Mètis Cultural Event Showcases Mètis Pride in Kelly Lake

(Kelly Lake, BC) The BC Mètis Federation and the Kelly Lake Mètis Settlement Society (KLMSS) worked together to support the first ever BC Mètis Cultural Event that was held in Kelly Lake this past weekend. The Mètis event featured a number of Mètis musicians that were from many locations throughout BC. A number of local Kelly Lake and area residents also took to the stage from time to time to showcase their talent. There were other cultural activities for people to enjoy such as jigging workshops, a display to showcase how to prepare a moose hide, plus authentic Mètis foods such as dried meat, bannock, and others. One of the features this past weekend was special key note speaker Theo Fleury. His presence was very exciting to all who attended.

The BC Mètis Cultural Event was attended by over 300 people and with many from far distances within and outside of British Columbia such as Prince George, Terrace, Vancouver Island and many other locations. In addition there were even people who attended from the North West Territories and several locations in Alberta.

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry stated, “I cannot thank our team enough. The BC Mètis Federation team led by Rene Therrien and Beverley Lambert once again worked tirelessly. We also had great support from our event planner Jocelyn Schick and her company Bizzy Body. The Kelly Lake Community Center board did a great job to have the facility ready and there are just too many others to thank to mention them all.”
President Henry added, “Once again the BC Mètis Federation lets our actions show the Mètis people of BC what we stand for. We worked to bring a great Mètis cultural event together and we did so very successfully. Theo Fleury gave such a powerful speech about his life and what he is doing today. He stated that although he has been to several Aboriginal communities in Canada, the Kelly Lake event was one of the most culturally powerful and welcoming events he had witnessed. He felt that he was home. KLMSS members honoured Theo by preparing a beautiful handmade Mètis vest to thank Theo for his work and support of the community. Theo was deeply honored and it was very emotional for all to witness this presentation.”
BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “This is the first cultural event in Kelly Lake in 19 years. We all need to refocus on what is important to us as Mètis people and the BC Mètis Federation is proud of our efforts to lead such important work. Thank you to everyone that attended and especially all of our friends in Kelly Lake!”

Please note that a BC Mètis Cultural Event slideshow will be posted on the BC Mètis Federation website soon so you can review the weekend activities.

For more information about the BC Métis Federation please view the website www.bcmetis.com.

Note: If anyone has photos from this event please forward them to Earlene Bitterman via email e.bitterman@bcmetis.com. Indicate if you wish for your name to be included on the photo credit. Thank you!

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