BC Metis Federation Action Leads to Results Legion Magazine

The BC Metis Federation is pleased with the immediate response by the publisher of the Legion Magazine, Canvet Publications Ltd., where a recent article was posted suggesting that Louis Riel was “mad”.  BC Metis Federation and others took immediate steps by writing to letters to the editor and further contacting the Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command to have such a statement immediately retracted.

BC Metis Federation received a response in less than 24 hours and we are pleased that the publisher has acknowledged this error and further has requested assistance to do a feature story in their next edition.  BC Metis Federation is working with respected Metis historians George and Terry Goulet as well as David Doyle to provide a better historical perspective of Louis Riel and how his life continues today through the BC Metis Federation and our members.

Click here to review the response from the Canvet Board of Directors.

[ilink url=”/wp-content/uploads/BC-Mětis-Federation-Response-Legion-Magazine-November-2-2012.pdf” style=”download”]BC Mětis Federation Response Legion Magazine November 2, 2012[/ilink]

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