BC Métis Federation and Aboriginal Pipeline Services Group Sign Letter of Intent

(Kamloops, BC) BC Métis Federation and the Aboriginal Pipeline Services Group (APSG) have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) this week to advance future economic opportunities for the BC Métis Federation members.

BC Métis Federation Board Member and Director of Economic Development Greg Mazur stated, “we are excited to be working with the Aboriginal Pipeline Services Group. We truly believe the Métis people of British Columbia will benefit from this partnership as our employment and economic development strategies align beautifully with a focus on providing Métis individuals and Metis business owners with access to opportunities related to construction and maintenance of the Trans Mountain Pipeline (TMX) and the Coastal Gas Link.”

Taylor Dane McLeod, Chief Operating Officer of the Aboriginal Pipeline Services Group added, “we at the Aboriginal Pipeline Services Group see the BC Métis Federation as a natural partnership. We share the same goal: direct participation of Métis corporations and individuals in the pipeline and construction industries. Together we can provide a voice to these Métis corporations, and ensure that the Métis are getting the same opportunities as our First Nations counterparts. We look forward to what the future will bring.”

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry concluded, “This is another important partnership to ensure commitments by Government and Industry for Métis economic development can be reached. APSG enables the BC Métis Federation to compete more effectively for current and future industry contract opportunities. The best part is that their team has Métis ownership and management.”

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