BC Métis Federation and INAC Launch New Program for Youth – MYTUL

 Vancouver, BC – The BC Métis Federation is pleased to announce today that the organization has been awarded funding for their proposal through the Urban Aboriginal Strategy under the Urban Partnerships funding.

The purpose of this project is to create an accessible web-based tool that enhances, improves, and measures the success of Métis youth who are transitioning from rural to urban settings, and their ability to be able to participate in the economy. The working acronym for the project is the Métis youth in Transition to Urban Life in British Columbia or MYTUL(BC) project.

BC Métis Federation is the contract holder for this project and will provide support through the daily administration of this project and reaching out to the Metis people in British Columbia.

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry stated, “We have been looking at how to better support our Métis communities and this is a start. We are also pleased to see we continue to build our recognition with the Federal Government and hope this is just a start for other opportunities. Our team lead by KSDavison & Associates and Shauna Collister, PMP from Metis Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) have put a lot of time into getting the proposal ready for submission and we are encouraged by its approval.“ 

Our Métis team with members from the Métis Economic Development Corporation and our consultation office will provide key roles in managing and completing this project. BC Métis Federation will provide details shortly to support with timelines, methods, needs identification and youth and stakeholder engagement.

The MYTUL will address the following questions:

1. Are Metis Youth being employed moving from Rural to Urban areas?
2. How long before they are employed?
3. Are they receiving education or do they have post-secondary education including trades training?
4. What public or private supports are they accessing if any?
5. What supports do they know of?

The MYTUL project will create a web-based information system that will provide information for Métis youth aged 15 to 24, for the purpose of providing information that facilitates successful transition from rural to urban life starting with the five major city centres in British Columbia:
• Victoria
• Greater Vancouver
• Kamloops,
• Prince George and
• Kelowna.

BC Métis Federation will review methods to expand the project scope to include other communities and their Métis youth during the project. Successful transition for Métis youth will mean participation in the economy.

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “We look forward to increasing support for our Métis youth and this project demonstrates another important step to our members. Thank you to INAC for the support and we look forward to future steps.” 


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Shauna Collister, PMP
Métis Economic Development Corporation

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